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Author: Azedine Hiri

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Quick Overview

Allows you to make walk and run animations with a few clicks. Works with Limber, PuppetTools, Rubberhose and Duik, but works particularly well with Limber and Rubberhose because of the stretch.


The hardest part in a walk cycle is the legs animation, and you might not always want to do it manually.

This is where "Walker Tool" comes in handy.

Walker Tool allows you to make a walk or Run animations with a few clicks, and without keyframes.

Walker Tool works with all the most popular character animation rigging tools:

Position and rotation Double-Bounce are separated, you can get a new cool walk and run cycles.

walker tool v2.0.2


Walker tool V2

Walker tool v2 ui walker tool v2 Fx control


Examples with "side-Angle" RubberHose characters:

Double bounce Walk example Ninja Run example Walk back example


Examples with "Three-Quarter-Angle" RubberHose Character:

3 quarter angle character walk 3 quarter angle character run 3 quarter angle character Double bounce


Examples with Duik Character:

duick ex 1 Duick ex 02 Duik ex 03


Examples with PuppetTools character:

puppet tool ex 1 puppet tool EX 02 puppet tool ex 03


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