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Author: Animatable

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Quick Overview

Character animation for After Effects
easy to learn • powerful • versatile

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“Limber is the most intuitive rigging system I’ve used, which was a big help in making the character animation process less daunting to me.” - Ben Marriott

Simple yet powerful

Limber’s animation features are the perfect combo of simplicity and sophistication:

• Stretchiness (or non-stretchiness)

• Easy foreshortening

• Blendable FK - for cross body moves, breaking of joints and smooth arcs

Anti-pop to smooth out tricky walk cycles

• Keyframe-able auto-rotation for hands and feet

• Infinte scaling

Built for your style

Your character tool shouldn’t limit you to a single style. Limber works with:

• Any vector artwork. Use the revolutionary Rig & Pose button and embed the contents of your shape layers inside a limb.

• Simple, bendy paths. We call them Bones. Change the color, width and tapering just like any other stroke.

• Tapers - The classic Limber look with all the built-in controls for sizes, colors and rounding.

• The Limb Library - a bundled range of limbs with alternative uses and style capabilities.


Select three circle layers and two art layers. Set the dropdown to Three Circles, click the Rig & Pose button and 💥 - it’s all embedded in a limb with perfectly rotating joints.

There’s no need to design characters in stiff poses, move anchor points or parent lots of layers.

Watch this to learn more about using your own artwork in limbs.

Any limb can be easily duplicated or copied and pasted to another.

Don't rig. Draw

Draw a three-point path with your pen tool, click the Path to Bone button, and it’s ready to animate.

It’s so simple you’ll be wondering why it wasn’t always this easy. It even works with paths imported from Illustrator

You can also use this method to draw how you want a limb to be, and then apply a different style or rig artwork to it.

Made for animators. By animators

We understand what character animators need because we are experienced, working character animators. Limber has grown through use in production, across a range of styles, with the feedback of some of the best animators in the industry.

Major updates have added new features, usability enhancements and creative possibilities at no extra cost to our users.

We’ve always believed that animation should be fun - the tools should make it easier, not more complicated! Limber focuses on doing one thing really well - limbs for character animation.

See what some of our users have said about Limber on just one of our YouTube videos

“Limber makes rigging characters quick and simple, animating them light and speedy, and presenting them a delight!” - Fraser Davidson, Cub Studio

Learn more

The official Limber training series on YouTube will teach you the fundamentals in lunch-hour sized chunks. Part one is back up there 👆 and part two is down below 👇.

The Limber User Guide is the most thorough way to learn everything Limber can do. You can also access it from within Limber itself - just click the Help button.

Click the Try button at the top of this page to instantly download a 10-day trial - its limited to two limbs per comp, FK and Joint controllers are disabled and you cannot copy and paste customized limb layers.

There is also a FREE version of Limber called Limber Lite. It generates fully functional bones and nothing more - for the ultimate minimalist animator. You can get it here.

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