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Author: Stoij

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Quick Overview

Parent and anchor your layers directly in the comp! Draw the parent hierarchy, adjust anchors, and rig characters faster than ever.

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Parent your layers directly in the composition!


Sticky-Web is a quick and fun tool to make parenting and re-anchoring painless.

It is built to help prepare characters for rigging or animating, without the need to parent in the timeline or anchor one layer at a time.


Free Trial Features

  • Weave your parenting webs directly in the composition
  • Move your anchor points around, all within one layer
  • X-Ray your layers to see exactly where the joints overlap
  • Duplicate, flip, rotate, and reuse your webs however you need
  • Adjust multiple anchors together with transform tools
  • Rig your character stress-free and faster than ever!
  • The Free Trial has no time limit! It contains all of the features listed above.

Full Version Features

The full version comes with many additional features to make life easier:

  • A 'Training Course' AE project with various characters for practice
  • Colourise your layers to match the anchor points
  • Visualise the bounding boxes to help identify your layers
  • Draw loops to either bulk-parent layers or parent them to a new null
  • Load pre-existing parenting structures as webs
  • Unstack anchor points if there are overlapping anchors
  • Work only on the layers you've selected
  • Custom, saveable settings
  • Quick-set menus to run custom settings for a one-time use
  • Any future additions to the tool
Example of webs, loops, anchoring and colourising with Sticky-Web



Any limitations?

Sticky-Web will ignore 3D layers, Adjustment Layers, and Locked Layers.
If you adjust the anchors on layers with their Position or Anchor Points animated, Sticky-Web will skip them.

Try it out now!

The Free Trial has no time limit! It contains all of the ‘Free Trial Features’ listed above.
Once you get comfortable and you want to get more out of Sticky-Web, get your hands on the Full Version!

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