Power Null

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Author: Stoij

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Quick Overview

With just a click, add Nulls anywhere.
interactive UI • live snapping • instant parenting • link properties • rig faster • work smarter


Add Nulls exactly where you click. Instantly.
(plus it has all the features a good Null tool should have)

Power Null

Snap to edges and corners. Parent selected layers. Pickwhip selected properties. And more...

Check out the features...

  • 100% live and interactive!
  • Lightweight and very, very, very fast
  • Click in the comp to instantly add a Null
  • Drag to perfectly position the Null
  • Snap to edges, corners and anchor points
  • Easily add a Null to the center of the comp
  • Selected layers will be parented to the Null
  • Selected properties will be linked to the Null
    (or even to an existing Null)
  • Center the anchor points
  • Customisable names
  • Dockable panel AND keyboard mappable
  • Oh yeah, it's actually kind of fun

... or just watch the video


Why is this better than the other null tools?

Power Null is significantly faster, easier, more accurate, more feature-rich, more lightweight, and takes up little (or no) room in your workspace.


Sometimes I get an error when snapping! Out-of-date Nvidia GPU drivers may cause issues, but updating your drivers solved it.

Try it out now!

The Trial Version is free for 7 days!

If you're on the fence, try it out, then come back here and buy the Full Version!

Full tutorial

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
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    Parent, anchor and IK your layers right in the comp! Draw the parent chain, move anchors, and rig characters faster than ever.

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