MECHANICUS Transitions for FCPX

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Quick Overview

The MECHANICUS transition set for FCPX is a collection of 26 effects for an old school, retro, vintage vibe.



The MECHANICUS transition set for FCPX is a collection of 26 effects that creatively emulate a physical, mechanical change from one image/video to another. From retro lenses and magnifying glasses to aged taped and vintage monocles you’ll get a variety of choices to move your images along. Each transition is geared with multiple options for adjusting, tinkering, and tuning to your needs.

It’s time to go old school.

Comes with transitions: Slide Projector Flash, Fast and Flickering, Hole Punch, Old Glass, Dirty Magnifying Glass, Veiwfinder, Glass Gyro, Slideshow, Subtle Shift, Polaroid Exposure, Lens Swap, Taped Frame, Finding Focus, Monocle, Projector Bulb Blowout, Frame Change, Lensed In, Open and Shut, Focus Plane, Slat Loader, Split Prism, Optoscope, Follow Focus, Fiche, Dirty Tape, and Moviola.


Compatibility:  macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 and above for both Intel and Apple Silicon with FCPX 10.6 and above

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