Create Duplicator Sequence for Cavalry

  • Compatibility Cavalry
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Author: Elliot Mosher

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Quick Overview

Turn ~12 steps into 1! Quickly create Dynamic Animated Sequences in Cavalry!

Create Duplicator Sequence helps you quickly set up dynamic 'explainer video' elements such as 123 steps, bar charts, bulleted lists, and so much more. This plugin automates the tedious steps required for duplicator sequences (grouping your layers to preserve animation, creating a duplicator, adding the elements you created, setting proper distribution and spacing, creating a stagger on the Shape Time Offset, updating the min/max numbers for proper offset, and flipping the stagger graph so it animates in the proper order)

Bonus Shapes!

Create Duplicator Sequence is a 2-for-1 plugin that also comes with a 'Basic Mograph Elements' tab that helps you quickly create the common graphics for numbered lists, bar charts, etc. Each Basic Element comes pre-connected to string/color arrays and has basic animations as well. Generate a Basic Element, tweak it to fit your style, and then push it through the main Create Duplicator Sequence plugin for super fast workflows!

Plugins only work with a PRO Cavalry license


Plugin interface Basic Mograph Elements tab of the plugin


Cavalry 1.4
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