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Author: Leyero

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Quick Overview

Animate and work with "Transform" effect x10 faster!



The Transform effect has a lot of features
Its only downside is the slow animation process...

Animation process

... as opposed to the Motion effect!
It's fast and visually intuitive

Animating in "program" panel

Every item has  the Motion effect and it offers a GREAT UI for animating, but it is not as versatile as the “Transform” effect.

With help from Transmitter you can now combine the advantages of both effects together to drastically speed up your animation workflow in Premiere Pro.

Just animate a clip with the Motion effect and send keyframes to the “Transform” effect, it really is as simple as that!

Effects linked together


  • Send keyframes from “Motion” to “Transform” effect
  • Reset “Motion” with a single click of a button
  • Add Interpolation to your animation
  • Align Anchor Point and Position in "Transform" effect


Why Transform over Motion effect?


Create “Alpha Matte” with Opacity mask mask as Alpha Matte

Motion BlurMotion blur

Adjust clip without effecting animation

Easily adjust clip position, scale and rotation without messing up the animation. It especially comes in handy, when you have to animate a lot of identical objects (e.g. throwing balls, flying birds etc) 
Animate one object, duplicate it, offset the timing, and adjust position


Animate horizontal and vertical flips

Add "Transform" effect to an Adjustment Layer to effect all clips below

use "Motion" to adjust animation

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