Architect Pro

  • Compatibility Premiere
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Author: Leyero

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Quick Overview

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Effortlessly add and move clips on a Premiere Pro timeline!

Add items on a timeline!

(aligned with marker, if clip has one)

inserting 1 item

Insert selection of clips

on top of each other or in a row!

inserting selection

Cut, copy and paste clips

without touching targeted tracks!

pasting clips with ease

Move clips up...

moving clips up


(that's technically "down" for audio tracks)

Moving clips down

swap the position...

swapping clips position


...and all that with just a single click of a button! 

Stop worrying about overwriting other clips, let Architect Pro deal with it!


This product is part of a bundle, allowing you to save 15%!

Pr bundle

Free Trial!

Architect Pro offers 10 day Free Trial with no limitations, so you can test plugin in your workflow before buying it.

Premiere 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
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