Cavalry Asset Library

  • Compatibility Cavalry
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Author: Elliot Mosher

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Quick Overview

C.A.L lets you easily save complex rigs, with all connections and animations, in a few clicks. Create multiple libraries that you can share with other people!

Only for Cavalry

The Cavalry Asset Library allows you to create libraries to store any kind of complex rig or animation you create in Cavalry. Saved assets will retain all their connections, children, and animations, and you can load them into your scene with the click of a button. Create multiple libraries to keep things organized, rename or move assets between libraries, and even share the libraries you've created with other people. Save time and work more efficiently with C.A.L. 

Plugins only work with a PRO Cavalry license

Only for Cavalry 1.5.3 and above

Main Library Panel Save Asset Panel

Cavalry 1.5
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    Elliot Mosher

    • Compatibility Cavalry

    Batch Markers for Cavalry

    No more making Time Markers by hand in Cavalry! Batch Markers allows you to create tons of Time Markers with the click of a button. Set amount, spacing, start frame, name, and color! You can also delete specific markers by color, label, or both!

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    Elliot Mosher

    • Compatibility Cavalry

    Create Duplicator Sequence for Cavalry

    Turn ~12 steps into 1! Quickly create Dynamic Animated Sequences in Cavalry!

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