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Author: Sergio Ribero

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Quick Overview

An After Effects tool that lets you quickly paste SVGs from the clipboard.

ToothPaste allows you to quickly paste SVGs from the clipboard.

Simply copy as SVG from other apps such as Figma, Affinity Designer, Sketch and more, and paste the code as shape layers inside After Effects with the click of a button.


Gradient Support (New)

Gradients are now supported. You don’t have to stick to boring flat designs, ToothPaste has your back.


Clip-paths and masks (New)

Keep your shapes in check with mask and clip-path support.

Split Into Layers

Need all your groups split into layers? No problem! ToothPaste will separate each group into its own layer for you.


Center in Comp

Pasting the SVG in the middle of your comp is just as easy.

Easy to Use Interface

ToothPaste features an simple and easy to use interface that can be docked anywhere in your workspace.


Planned Features

ToothPaste is improving with every release. These are some of the planned features for future releases:

  • Editable text (currently in beta)
  • Support for layer styles and effects
  • Support for raster images
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