Batch Markers for Cavalry

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Author: Elliot Mosher

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Quick Overview

No more making Time Markers by hand in Cavalry! Batch Markers allows you to create tons of Time Markers with the click of a button. Set amount, spacing, start frame, name, and color! You can also delete specific markers by color, label, or both!


Create and delete Time Markers quickly and easily in Cavalry. Time Markers are useful for making dynamic timelines, triggering animations, or accumulating numbers. As is, you have to create Time Markers one at a time by hand. This is fine for many uses where you only need a few, but if you want to have repetitive animations that span over a long period of time, it can be tedious to try to add a lot of Time Markers by hand. This script allows you to quickly generate set sequential Time Markers of any color + label with a few clicks. It also gives you greater control over deleting existing Time Markers as well.

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Cavalry 1.4