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Quick Overview

Edit to the beat like a pro. Create seamless edits to make your music track longer, shorter or shuffle it around.

BeatEdit makes working with music in DaVinci Resolve simple, so you can focus on the creative part. With just a few clicks, you can

  • edit to the beat like a pro
  • create seamless edits to make your music track longer, shorter or shuffle it around

Edit to the beat like a pro

Why use BeatEdit?

Working with music can be a frustrating process of guessing where to make your edits. Looking at the audio below, would you know the best place to cut?

BeatEdit simplifies this process by analysing the music and showing you exactly where to cut. The markers it creates are colour-coded, so you’ll know exactly which beats to choose.

01 messy track no markers
snap to beat markers

Make your music track longer, shorter or shuffle it around

Need to make part of your track longer? Shorter? Or perhaps you want to shuffle it around so the beat drops at just the right moment. With BeatEdit, you can cut exactly at the beats, resulting in seamless transitions that won’t be noticed.

How does it work?

BeatEdit uses the professional beat detection algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Porto and the University of Victoria to analyse your music and detect the main beats. It can then create various markers to show you where these beats are, making it super easy to edit to music.

Once you load your music file into DaVinci Resolve, you can choose from four different ways to work with beats:

  • timeline markers
  • clip markers
  • audio beat clicks (a.k.a. metronome)
  • subtitles

Beat Markers, audio beat clicks and subtitles

When editing your music track, we recommend using beat click audio in your workflow as it will make your edits much more precise.

DaVinci Resolve can only place markers on frames - this is fine for editing video, but if you want to edit the music itself, you’ll need sub-frame accuracy for seamless transitions. The beat click audio (i.e. the metronome) gives you exactly this - cut at the peak of the click for sub-frame accurate edits.


The tutorial below will give you all you need to start editing like a pro in 7 minutes.

Learn how to configure a beat grid in the Fairlight panel with Beat Edit:

Other Voices

Resolve Free vs Studio

BeatEdit is compatible with both the Free and the Studio version of DaVinci Resolve.


  • Linux: BeatEdit for Davinci Resolve currently only works on Windows and Mac OS. Linux is not supported, yet.
  • Mac OS App Store: The version of Davinci Resolve which is available on the Mac App Store does not support third party tools properly. Hence, it does not support BeatEdit. Make sure to download Resolve from Black Magic Design instead of using the App Store.

BeatEdit for other software

Need to use BeatEdit in another program? Check out our versions for Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

BeatEdit for Davinci Resolve uses FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 . We did not modify the sources - you can download them here.

Davinci Resolve 18, 17
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