Projection 3D v4
  • I wish I knew about v04 before purchasing v03. I purchased Projection 3D v03 on March 17th for $85... I have zero options for upgrade for free....
  • Thanks for the upgrade pricing for existing users. Greatly apprecaited.
  • I'm using v3 with AE 2023. I'm doing paintouts using the Projection. When I change the freeze frame on the footage, nothing changes, so I'm getting it projected from Frame 0. Is this a compatibility problem? I thought it used to work.

    EDIT: Upgraded to v4. Same problem. I'm trying to project from the middle of the camera track, and it's super blurry. It's not getting that the freeze frame is from that frame. Please help, on a deadline.

    ANOTHER EDIT: You have to copy/paste the Pos and Orientation from the 3D Track Camera into the Projector Camera for the frame you want. Seems like that should be part of the script.
  • Hi Clean Plate FX

    Please open a support ticket.