Depth sorting makes element 3d a 3d layer? This is a problem for my camera
  • So when i turn on depth sorting, my element layers turn 3d which then react to my camera movements as a normal 3d solid would, which, of course messes up the project.  Im new to elementary. but in the video about depth sorting there is a camera.  How is it that his is not rotating around the 2.5 d layer, and mine is.
  • I see now that it only messes up when i rotate the camera on the X or Z axis.  But still i must be doing something wrong. but what is it
  • Richard, the aescripts forum isn't a "real" forum but more a way of discussing plugins within the product's discussion. I sometimes check out other comments but otherwise I wait for notifications of post in the main Elementary thread.

    For something specific write me directly since it'll require you to send me at least screenshots to explain your problem: PM or [email protected]
    The Element layer should not react to camera like any 3D layer since it's supposed to give you the exact same results as if it was still 2D.