Expand Group doesn't work after name change (Layer Groups V2)
  • I  can't believe I can't find any other comments on this... quite simply when I change the name of a Group I can no longer expand it or collapse it. The Expand Group and Collapse Group options cease to work and the group is left in the state it was at the time the name change took place. So if the group is Expanded when I change the name, then it remains permanently expanded, no way to collapse it. And some what worse/fatal, is if it is collapsed when I name change it I can no longer expand the layers within it, so the data attached to those layers as far as the time-line is concerned is lost and not accessible.

    All layers still function I just can't access them etc.
  • Also I have now noticed, if you duplicate a group that hasn't been renamed, you can't Expand the duplicated group, though you can still Expand the original Group.

  • OK.... I now see a slight improvement in this circumstance... I have been renaming using: right-click> Rename.

    For some reason this results in the error, which I am sure is a bug, it either should work correctly or not allow me to rename in that manner.

    There are actually icons in the Group Layer icon bar that allow you to rename the Grouped items, which thankfully mostly solves this problem, though it is still a bit of an issue as if you acidently through force of habit rename in the conventional AE way and then save your project and turn your computer off and come back to it later, then you are a tad screwed, as you cannot undo the action unless you have a recent back-up.

    Acccidently duplicating in this manner is not so much of a problem as it appears the duplicate is blank and contains nothing, so you can't use it as an object when done via AE right-click menu. It doesn't actually duplicate any visuals/layers. So the error is immediately obvious.

    But I definitely find the renaming aspect quite a big potential pit-fall, something that needs addressing.

  • Please post this in the Layer Groups discussion or open a support ticket for direct help.
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