• The differences for up-scaling are pretty subtle at first glance, compared to AE's built in bicubic quality setting. In any case, I notced in up-scaling SD footage to HD the 'fit width' setting doesn't seem to work right, it still leaves room on the sides. I have to set a custom width of somewhere over 2000 pixels to get it to fill the 1920 actual width.
  • Hi Lu, thanks for your feedback. 
    There's no 'fit width' setting. You're most probably talking about 'touch from inside' or 'touch from outside', and those are working as you'd expect them to work in a software media player. 
    Note that these two aspect ratio settings are only actual when you're in the 'Comp size' preset mode
    So, if you're eg using GPUResize with an SD layer in the HD comp, selecting 'Comp size' preset with 'Touch from inside' will leave the room on both sides of the footage, while keeping up the original width/height ratio. 
  • The zip file to install is corrupted in some way, unzipping comes up with an error. Attempted download on multiple browsers.

     End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
      a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
      latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
      the last disk(s) of this archive.
  • Hi Peter. I've just doublechecked the archive and it unpacks just fine; moreover, actually it's the first time we're getting such a report. Could you try to download and unpack on a different computer? 
  • Issue: Whenever I set a resolution higher than my sequence to upscale a video so that it would touch from the outside rather than inside (making a 4:3 video fit 16:9/21:9 but having the top and bottom be cut off for example), it throws a low level exception error and crashes Premiere Pro. Can this be fixed?
  • Will this work with BG Render?  I've heard before that AE background rendering doesn't see the GPU.  Thank you!
  • Hi. Does it still work on yosemite ? Keen on using it with my CS6 for HD to 4K upscale using the stairstep option ? Also what kind of render times are we looking at ?
  • Hi Mark, sorry I've missed your question. Our other plugins did work for BG Render, so i think GPUResize should work too, but you could just try a demo version, it's free. =)

  • Hi Anmol, rendertimes depend on your h/w specs mostly, so the fastest way to answer your questions will be trying out demo version, i suppose. =) It's fully functional.
  • I get a  single pixel width empty column. Otherwise the conversion is clean.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm0jsk0z4uvejx4/Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.40.56 PM.png?dl=0

    You can see the green line on the right side.
  • problem was with source file. gpuresize works well. takes 40-50 hours for 100 min feature film. upscaling from hd to 4k
  • Hi Anmol, thanks for your feedback. Although you seem to use starstep upscale@kaser filtering (the most demanding set of settings possible), it still sounds slow (about 1fps) - we had better results during tests, but then again, it depends on your H/W. Could you let us know your H/W specs?
  • If you get the error - "After Effects error: internal verification failure"
    turn off multiprocessing.

    Processing times improve by a factor of 4 and memory usage increases by 3 times.
    My specs
    - 32GB GTX780 OSX Mavericks CPU is a 4.3 GHz Quad - I forgot which iteration. Using a SSD for boot and cache and a dual RAID0 for video data drive.

    40 hours is a result of the improved times.
  • Hi -

    I am curious if you have seen this GitHub repository and what your thoughts are on their implementation? 

    I am interested in uprezing highly stylized "style transfer" videos so it seems this repo would be a good fit, but would love if your plug-in offered something comparable within AE.

    Here is the link -

  • Hi Sam,
    Yes, we've heard of Waifu2x. It works great for what it's intended for; however, there are drawbacks that don't really push us hard enough to include something similar to GPUResize bag of tricks - first of all, it only works nicely with certain type of imagery (manga/line art); plus, it only resizes at 2x/1.6x times; also original version uses all the usual huge DL software stack and would work only with particular GPU hardware -  all that doesn't really makes great experience for the resizing plugin.
    So I would rather suggest using existing Waifu2x binaries with your sequences (and possibly resizing it back to your exact target size with GPUResize, for that matter).

  • So I would rather suggest using existing Waifu2x binaries with your sequences (and possibly resizing it back to your exact target size with GPUResize, for that matter).
    Thanks for the reply Ivan. I am not sure exactly what you mean though by the quoted statement?

    Also what setting would you recommend (in GPU resize) for a highly stylized style transfer video (ala the kind "Transfusion" creates) to be upscaled?


  • Oh, i just meant that you might use some existing programs or ffmpeg filters or whatever that utilizes Waifu2x if it works for you, but then you might need to resize the result to some exact size you're aiming for (since Waifu2x is only able to upscale your picture either by 2 or by 1.6).

    Different styles can really differ and benefit from different resizing techniques, and that's exactly what we've been creating GPUResize for - so that you could try and decide for yourself.

    Typical real-life images with lots of details are better be upscaled with either Lanczos (a bit of sharpening) or Kaiser (neutral) resampling; optionally with stairstep upscaling
  • Hello. When I'm testing DEMO version before buying, And when I try to resize 4K footage in 1080p composition, GPUresize works strange - it crops original image and doesn't scale it properly. I apply this effect directly to 4K layer.
  • Hi, Would you be able to add where you can link scale properties x and y when scaling. So the aspect ratio does not change when doing a custom size? Currently you can only scale 1 property and not both at the same time. 
  • Has this been updated recently? Does it need to be updated to work with modern CUDA cards? If not, could it be?
  • GPUResize doesn't use Cuda at all and works on non-Cuda devices just fine.
    So if we'll be upgrading, Cuda won't be the reason - we might add some extra algorithms though!
  • This effect is causing a crash every time it is applied in Premiere 2021 on OSX 11.5.1

    Mac Pro Late 2013
    2.7 Ghz 12 Core Intel Zeon E5
    64GB Memory
    AMD FirePro D700 6GB GPU
  • Hmm was working earlier today on 2022, but no has stopped and says it is a missing effect. And if I try and put the effect on anything it crashes. Darn, would love to see this get an update to 2022 compatibility.
  • Any chance to add FSR and LS1 to the upscale algorithms?

    There is a software on Steam called "Lossless Scaling" that include those and other more but and the results are way better than the included on this plugin, and they run on real time on video. But since they depend on screen recording to get the results, is not an ideal scenario.

    But I can see this AE plugin the ideal candidate for include those newer upscale solutions.
  • Does this support modern versions of CC?
  • Does this support modern versions of CC?
    If you have a technical or customer support issue, please open a support ticket instead.
  • Plus, you always can just try for yourself - there is a demo version available.