Carousel XPress
  • This looks great!

    Is there a way, however, to make the center asset in a linear carousel scale forward like it would in iTunes on a phone?
  • hi Nick! thanks for commenting :)
    I was thinking about this for future releases, like applying some effectors to the items.
    For now, you can do that with some expression on the scale property.

    I'm working on this script in-depth tutorial and after that I'll think of a post in changing the scale and opacity of the items in the carousel.
    I will tell you here, but you can also follow my channels for scripts, expressions and coding for AE.
    YouTube and Instagram.

  • How to rotate the 3d carousel? Creating an extra null doesn't work...
  • hi Coen!
    To rotate any carousel, select the 'Controls' layer, and change the 'Carousel offset' property (see attached image).

    Also, you may want to watch the full guide on my YouTube channel (it's in portuguese with english subs)

    Tell me if you need further information.

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  • Does it work in  AE 2023 (I know not in the list)? Try it but got "expression errors"
  • hey Pascal, thanks for buying and for the feedback.
    dont have in mind anything in expressions that could be wrong in AE23.
    gonna check for this and let you know ASAP.

    Can you tell me what action did you take, for this error to happen? 
  • I tried the main features, using AE 23.0.0, didn't get any errors.
    So if you can provide me the steps to get this error, please