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  • 73 fsplay
    I just purchased Renomi v1.3.3 today, how do I activate Renomi?
    November 2022
  • Math Notermans
    Hi Tomas,

    Any news on thumbnails/previews for Compcode ?

    I love the script as is...
    Kind regards,
    February 2020
  • Pipedrive OÜ
    Hey I have a question about Rollit :)

    How can I make two abstract and odd sized shapes still react like car wheels?
    Currently they don't stick to the car, but start to slide from the wheelarches?
    March 2019
  • Luc vW
    Hi Thomas,

    What would it take to make an object follow the letters in scribe? Like a pen drawing the letters?

    Thanks for your time.
    March 2018
    • Tomas Sinkunas
      Tomas Sinkunas
      I believe WayFinder ( should do the trick. I haven't tested it, but it sounds as a best candidate.
  • Olasunkanmi Ayoade-ipadeola
    Hi Tomas, i;m Olasunkanmi Ayoade-Ipadeola. i bought BVH Importer script recently and would like to know if i can retarget MOCAP on a 2d vector character layer. If its possible, can you teach me how to get it done? Thanks. 
    February 2018
  • Carsten Schmidt
    Hello, i bought Labels 2 and there are no Label Themes.
    Can´t figure where to download theThemes from the Manual.

    February 2018
  • Hiromu Sunakawa
    I bought a compCode you made.
    And when I ran the script, terrible things happened.
    The contents of the installed .jsx file have been overwritten.
    Does anyone else have similar eyes?
    February 2018
  • Denis Loulier
    Hello Thomas,
    I'm french. I bought the script yesterday but i can't work with ! Maybe i don't understand the pdf tutorial.
    I make a Bezier shape , i select it and i click roll it. An expression is created on the position parameter.... But after ?
    There's no tool window ? Must i do anything else ?
    Thank for your answer.
    December 2017
    • Tomas Sinkunas
      Tomas Sinkunas
      Hey, it's easy.
      Also instructions are on first line: Roll it can roll any complex shapes in After Effects. Honestly, it's more fun that it sounds! Try it. Select a shape or group of shapes and click a button - now go and modify Rotation property under layers Transform group and watch it roll!
    • Denis Loulier
      Denis Loulier
      Please be indulgent ! Yes i can see the shape rolling when i modify rotation property but do i have to enter animation key to watch my shape moving. Nothing happened when i press play on the timeline even if i put position animation keys or rotation animation keys.
    • Denis Loulier
      Denis Loulier
      Hello Tomas,
      I'm still waiting for your answer ? Thanks.
  • William Frohn
    I'm trying to install Hooker, but it is not showing up in my extensions. I used the zxp installer. Is it only compatible with Ae 2018 or something? I'm still on '17. Thanks!
    December 2017
    • Tomas Sinkunas
      Tomas Sinkunas
      Hi. Yes, it's only CC2018 compatible. It says so on product page as well as on compatibility tab.
  • Auke Kruithof
    Hi Tomas,

    Is there a way to cross-slice an object with the Slice It Up plugin for C4D ?

    So for instance if I have a 45 degree angle slice, also slice it -45 degrees (so the object gets cutted in small pieces)

    Best regards,


    February 2016
  • Orrin Zucker
    damn- I thought that was a private message! Arg! Did u forward it/post it? ok- 30 sec tutorials...actually 45 sec might make it a bit easier. I just posted a quick project on the MotionMonkey page. I was thinking of posting the project file...what do u think of that idea? BTW- does that Poly script have other shapes...or just polys? Still thinking about that one.
    May 2014