Batch Process COMPs to align center?
  • Is there a script to process all selected comps so that all the layers within the comps will center align?

    Some background:

    I have resized about 500 photos in Photoshop to constrain to 1920x1080. 
    I bring those photos into AE and create comps of them. Not all of the images are exactly 1920x1080, so I use rd_CompSetter to reset the comp sizes to 1920x1080. However, when I use rd_CompSetter it leaves my photo aligned to the left of the comp. 

    The goal is to have each photo centered in the 1920x1080 comp with transparency on the sides. Can this be done? I've searched the marketplace for a script, but I'm either not using the right terminology or it doesn't exist. 

    Any help?