Labels PPro 2
  • I seem to be having problems with the Labels PPro on 15.4.1. It won't change colors in the project panel or the sequence. Ran this on Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur
  • Same here, PR 15.4.1 too. I can add color labels to project folders, but I can't label an active project sequence. Help! MacOS 11.6, Big Sur.
  • I'm having the same issues running PR 15.4.1 and it's not labeling anything in the timeline.
  • I'm also having issues using this under PR 15.4.1 - I raised a ticket, got a response from the plugin author:

    Must be that something changed, again, in PPro :(
    I'll look into it, but I cannot give the time estimate when it's gona happen.

    So looks like this plugin is broken for the time being.
  • I'm also having issues in PPro 15.4.1.
    The plugin seems to label footage elements ok but it won't change the label color of text layers.
  • Adobe got rid of the "Display the project item name and label color for all instances" option in 15.4.1 so you not longer can change the color of the clips in the timeline. You can still right click and change it that way but it looks like the plugin is broken for the time being. 
  • UPDATE: For everyone having issues getting plugin to work, I found the solution. Adobe moved "Display the project item name and label color for all instances" to a different location and renamed it. 
    Link to Adobe's post on this:
    You can now find it in timeline display settings (wrench icon) and is now called "Show Source Clip Name and Label".image

    If you enable that, the plugin will work again. Adobe did this to make it easier to enable/disable it without having to go to project settings. In fact, you can now assign a keybopard shortcut if you want for even faster workflow. 

    I hope this helps. I will forward this information to plugin developer to see if they can update the documumentatin.