• Its not working in AE 2023 for mac and or windows. Error below comes up, have paid for plugin would be great for this to be updated please. I probaby would wait for an update before purchasing plugin. 

    1) Is not parented to another layer

    2) Has its transform reset

    3) The Anchor Point is [0, 0]

    4) If there is a Transform Group within the Shape Layer, then its Anchor Point and Position must be [0, 0]

  • This is false. It's functioning normally in 2023 with all our tests. Responded to your ticket to try and troubleshoot what may be going wrong on your end. Thank you!
    Works in 2023.jpg
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  • How do you get dashed lines? 
  • Is this working in AE 2024?
  • Is this working in AE 2024?
    Yes sir!