• hello!
    I don't know why I export a rotating plane in Ae it have all rotation axis inverted or wrong.
    thanks a lot
    Hi Giuseppe,
    most of the time it is a misunderstanding of what will be exported and you just need to setup the orientation correctly.

    lease have a look at the following page within the documentation:

  • Hi,

    we just upgraded to AE 2024.4 (new Version from 6th of May). The camera export from C4d to AE seems to have a problem with that release. 2024.3 was working for us.

    When exporting a Camera from C4D to AE 2024.4 we get this error message:
    "Skript in Zeile 23 kann nicht ausgeführt werde. After Effects Fehler: "set Value" ist für diese Eigenschaft nicht möglich, weil die Eigenschaft oder eine übergeordnete Eigenschaft ausgeblendet ist."

    For now we can work around this but could you please have a look? Thanks!