Layer Library
  • Layer Library is young and the application of presets to existing layers will be strongly enhanced in the next updates.
    But I need feedback on all this, so don't hesitate to write me and tell me all you like/dislike.
  • Hi Kevin
    Great plugin. I downloaded it to try out and it seems like it will be very useful and I will gladly buy it for the suggested price if not more.

    One initial question: When I save a preset. I can load it with no problem. When I save another preset, the previous presets goes dark on the list and I can't select it. I have the folder saved to dropbox. is that the problem?


  • Never mind. I see now the search filed must be empty to allow access to all the presets.
  • "I have the folder saved to dropbox"
    That's actually a great idea Steven, didn't think about that!

    Yes for the moment the search field must be empty otherwise presets that do not match the search are disabled. But I'll work on the tree view later to try to make it a bit more user-friendly and if possible enable presets to be moved into other directories.
  • Looks great. Just wondering if you are able to add animated shape layers to the library?

  • I'm having a some troubles getting shapes right, but that'll be for the next update. You can already save animated masks though.
  • Kevin,
    I'm getting an error. "Unable to execute script at line 153. File or folder does not exist."

    I reinstalled the script but still get this error. Was working fine. Nothing was changed. I had it set to draw the presets from a dropbox folder.

  • Hi,

    I got an error when I tried to have composition as preset.
    Why is that?
  • Hi Alain,
    Thanks, I corrected the bug in v1.03.
  • Congrats for that release.

  • Thanks Joel, couldn't have done it without you (and my horrible message on vimeo ;-) )
  • "I'm having a some troubles to get shapes right, but that'll be for the next update. You can already save animated masks though."
    Would really be a great update. I have a large library of shape layers that are animated all contained in one project that I need to import into an existing project to be able to access them. Being able to select/import them through the UI of your script would be so much simpler and more effective... Really hope you are able to achieve it :) Good-luck .

  • The new update supports Shapes if saved as "layer presets" (press shift when saving the layer). I'm still working on slight limitations.
    I'd like to thank Naim Alwan and Steven Taylor for their help in debugging and their ideas.
  • Hi Kevin,

    I created a 3D comp. Actually, it's a 3D comp with a cube made of six solids of 100 pixels. I brought this comp into my main composition and here, I tried to create the preset with the script. The preset was created without error messages but after I deleted the cube comp and I tried to recreate i t with the script, I got just a black solid of 100 per 100 pixels. There is any way to get the 3D comp when I use the LayerLibrary?

  • Hi Alain,
    In the overview video I'm using a Box preset that creates 6 3D layers. So it's possible to save 3D layers if they're in your main comp. If you're talking about saving those layers pre-comped this isn't supported for the moment. Saving sub-compositions will be a bit complex so I'm trying to make sure everything else works properly before supporting them. I sent you a message with my email, write me directly for more questions.
  • Thanks Kevin,

    I am happy at this moment with the script, I started to understand how it works.

  • i create 100*100 solid, add some plugs and shift+save it to lib.
    But when i load it in comp with other size my solid are wrong ("Press Shift when loading an item to keep the original dimensions of the preset" dont work)
    for example: preset from comp 1 (700*400) solid 100*100
    in 1300 * 400 new solid size 186*100 ((((( with/without SHIFT
    how to tell lib to load original solid size 100*100 in comp of any size?
  • Hi, I have a problem.

    Select a layers with hue effects, write a name and push plus button.
    Open other composition, double click in the preset and give me a error.

    Error while running a script "Layer%20Library.jsxbin" (1059):
    After effects error: Color Array does not have 3 values.

    I can´t nothing. Help, please.

    After effects CS6 - Layer Library 1.03
    Windows 7 Pro 64

  • Hi, Kevin,

    I have the same problem: Color array does not have 3 values. I am searching through the layers to find the color array but can't find it.
    Would appreciate any help.


  • Hi kevin,

    re color Array does not have 3 values;

    I find if I alt-replace the jpegs with solids, then do the layer library thing in the new comp, and then alt -replace the solid with the jpeg or a new jpeg - it seems to work fine.

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Lloyd,
    sorry about this, I have a beta where this error has been fixed, write me on [email protected]
    I'll soon be re-writing the script so hopefully an improved version should be released soon.
  • Hi Kevin,

    It looks like altered curves filters won't save to the layer library. After saving a layer with an altered curves filter, and then restoring that layer from the library, the curves filter returns to its default state. Thoughts?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Taz,

        unfortunately it's not possible to save or set the content of curves effect using scripting. Levels effects should work though. If you want to try out the last beta version you can send me an email, given in the posts above.

  • Enjoying using this script, been very useful so far, thanks! Two things I've noticed (I know you've already said there's only experimental support for shape layers but thought I'd mention my experience in case it helps):

    1. Shape layers appear to be working for me, with the exception of custom gradient fill colours deferring to the default black/white grad. Start & End points etc all fine though.
    2. Compound effects lose their reference layer so I have to go back and set it manually

    Aside from that, been very handy so far.
  • Hi Terry,

    Well you should consider the whole script as experimental! I'm, re-writing it a bit now but still need more time to get it right.
    I think I remember that there was something special with shape gradients, but can't remember what, I'll have a look again.
  • No worries Kevin, like I say - been very handy so far, keep up the good work! :)
    Another thing that I remembered, layers seem to be created using their default label group colours, rather than any custom colours that are set when saving them to the layer library. Not a huge problem, just something that would be nice going forward.
  • I think I have a beta that takes care of that, but it can only work from CS6 onwards if I remember properly. Write me directly if you want to try it out.
  • Hi Kevin,

    I Tried the Script in CC version and its not working. is there something wrong or still not support CC yet ??
  • Hi Sam,
    CC isn't listed in the compatibility tab because a couple bugs of AE CC prevent the script from working. I haven't abandoned it though, I'm re-writing it to work around some of these bugs, still hoping Adobe will fix them.
  • Was coming here to see why script wasn't working and now seeing your comment about AE CC.  If/when there is an update from either you or Adobe, my question would still remain.  If I need to migrate my layers presets from one machine to another, is it simply a matter of copy/paste the .lpx files into the appropriate folder?

    Thanks in advance. Love the script. :)
  • Hi Brad, sorry I still haven't updated this, and unfortunately the bugs are still present in CC.
    To migrate presets, you can either copy your whole folder to the other computer, or move it to a Dropbox folder or any other sharing app (so that the presets are synched between computers). Then you'll obviously need to tell the script to use the new folder.
  • Thank you Kevin.  Great idea about using dropbox to sync. I will definitely do that when the updates come. :)
  • Hi, this looks like a nice script, would be interested if it gets updated to work with CC2014... :)
  • great script!! thankyou!!
  • Wonderful script. It's been a while since there was an update though. Any plans on integrating support for comps and shapes? Thanks!
  • Hi, thanks for the comments,
    Concerning shapes they are supported but still somewhat experimentally, however you can open a support ticket for the latest beta versions.
  • hi kevin,

    i first of all want to thank you for this awesome script.
    i know you are still working on the shape layers, but i still want to bounce  off my issues to you as well.
    shape layers seem to work fine except for some  properties like animated opacities, and rotation.

    nevertheless once again i want to thank you, keep up the amazing work.
  • Does not work on a clean system, Mac OS Yosemite . After Effects CC 13.2
  • Hi Dmitriy,
    the script is not marekd as compatible with CC in its compatibility tab, always check this when downloading scripts and plugins. I will update it though, but am not able to do so at the moment.
  • Hi Dmitriy,
    the script is not marekd as compatible with CC in its compatibility tab, always check this when downloading scripts and plugins. I will update it though, but am not able to do so at the moment.
    Thank U. You did a really useful addition to After Effects. I wish you success . And looking forward to the update. You are the only one who thought to do it. Good For You.
  • Such a shame to see that this don't work yet on cc2014 i hope you have a time to fix this, cause i saw it's possibilities and seems to be a very useful script!!! saving a lot of time when you need to work on many similar composition!! BTW congratulations for your hard work!
  • yes would love to use it on 2014 and 2015... an option to creat layers at the timeline would be verry cool to.
  • This seems super useful - hope to see it updated to latest AE tho! 
  • Hello Kevin,
    This plugin could be a HUGE help in the compositing of 2d (or flash) animated TV series that consist of ten thousands of shots.
    Any chance that it could be ported to AE CC2012 or higher sometime soon ?

  • Hey!

    I can happily confirm that is working on the last update for CC15 on Mac.

  • Hi Miguel, it is but the UI is a bit messed up, I resumed working on a new beta which should hoepfully come next month
  • Hi Miguel, it is but the UI is a bit messed up, I resumed working on a new beta which should hoepfully come next month
    Is it?? I am not very familiar with the script (although I believe is fantastic, thanks) but I haven't found any issues with the UI. It works really well with the new type of panels on CC15.

    Anyway, very glad to hear that the project is alive. It does look like a powerful addition to AE.

  • I download it newly ...but my script plus bottom is not can I use this script for first time...Im the win seven 64 user ...plzzzz help... 
  • hi, in my layer library panel no have any folder for first time because i newly download it ..and there is not any item or name in that list and list is empty and like tutorial i checked the Unlock checkbox and after that  when I enter  any name  and hit create newfolder button new folder create successfully ,and  it create the folder in list of the panel UI of the layer library script, but after that  when I select this folder name in the list of layer library panel like tutorial , and when i want to enter name  in the  name box to press plus button to create the new Item ,my new folder lists and names that I created before begin  empty and disappear  and my plus button  not work anyway  ..and how many time  i press the + button its not work ...
    is there any idea for what its not operating system is win 7 x64........ 
    any help will appreciated 
    .plzzz help me... 
  • Can you write me directly or open a support ticket for such cases?
    Let me know which version of AE you are using, if you are on CC then please wait for CC to be fully supported (next version that I'll try release in February).