• Hi James. Not that I can remember this happening before. Could you please file a bug ticket (https://aescripts.com/contact/?direct=1) and attach an example AE project with this bug to it?
    Also please describe your Mac's hardware config. Thanks in advance!

  • I am interested in this product - but is it compatible with AE / PPro 2020 yet? If not, will it be?

  • Hi Rune.
    It is!
    In either case you can download and install the demo - it's fully functional and you can purchase it later, if you like it.
    I am interested in this product - but is it compatible with AE / PPro 2020 yet? If not, will it be?


  • Thanks, Ivan. I'll be getting it shortly. :)
  • Would it be possible to add a way to manually set the palette index, as well as saving and loading custom palettes?
  • It would be possible indeed, but after considering it several times we've dropped the idea of building it into the plugin, since we couldn't find the the way to make is user friendly enough, and on the other hand both current hosts (AE and Premiere) offering whole bunch of color modification tools - from LUTs to color wheels - to make any color modifications you would imagine.

    So it is still totally possible to choose any fixed color palette in RD and then transform it the way you want.

    That said, we would be happy to hear suggestions of how such custom palette should be implemented exactly. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
  • Sure. I imagine it would create an array of all the currently used "adaptive" colors in a grid of swatches. Clicking a swatch would bring up the default color picker. The image would be re-adapted to use the customized palette. Palettes could be saved as ASE file type, so they could be shared with other Adobe products. For bonus points, you could also add a phase shift controller, so we can do retro-palette shifting animations. Here's a mockup: https://imgur.com/a/cQ9jhyJ

    While it's certainly possible to key and change individual colors in the final result, the advantage of customizing the palette would be that the image would be re-adapted to the new palette. This would avoid the inevitable weird auto-adapted color sneaking into the image. Also, we could make sure that our brand-approved palettes are being used.

  • I would love to see a noise pattern, like it exists in Photoshop. I recreated it as a preset using built in effects, but this way it only can be applied to precomps or footage, not as part of an effect stack.
    (my preset uses fractal noise as noise and two instances of CC_composite)
  • HI Marc.
    I guess this would be different kind of effect than Retrodither users expect.
    However, I think this kind of the effect could be implemented as a new plugin, if nobody did it yet (I honestly thought someone did, as I see such an effect here and there in motion design sometimes=)
  • I used another Ditherplugin before (one from Josh Nimoy) and it uses this noise pattern, which as mentioned can also be found as dithering method on Photoshop. But unfortunately this plugin is incredibly slow, even if the effect is really fast if you apply it like I did (or turn a layer with alpha in dissolve blend mode). I thought maybe it's easy to add as dithering mode, since I couldn't found another plugin, which is capable of doing it, but than it seems I need to find another way. But thank you Ivan.
  • Marc, well what I meant is that Retrodither was supposed to be a retro look effect first, not 'all kinds of dither' effect.
    If we would design it like 'dithering swiss knife' from scratch, we would most probably add more and other modern algorithms of dithering, there are plenty of.
    So we could think about extra features, but not sure if it's possible to pack it into single effect.

    Also, what 'photoshop method' do you mean? Is  that the 'noise' in 'save for web' routine?
  • Ok, now I got what you meant. Thank you for explaining.

    Yea exactly, the one in "save for web" among the bayer 8x8. 
  • is this plugin not available for AE 2020? Getting all sorts of issues and it's not even showing up. Please advise. I'm on a iMac 2020.
  • It seems that there's an issue with the effect. A purple x appear everytime I put the effect on a sequence, also it can make random glitches like this. It seems to be the same that James Houston noticed. It there any way to fix it ? I use the effect on After Effect and Premiere Pro 20.image
  •  I got the same problem on After Effect  CC 2015. 
  • Hi Berger.
    I assume you've got your product registered properly, right?
    Could I ask you to purge your temporary data (Edit > Purge > All Memory & Disk Cache), and if that won't help, could you please file a bug ticket with the example project and your hardware configuration.
  • This is weird, my Retrodither works on my PC but not my MAC, both are updated to the latest AE 2020.
  • Hi Hans! Sorry to hear that.
    I would be super grateful if you would file a bug ticket with description of your Mac config/repro case aep. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get  working repro case myself (EG we have couple comments here that sound about the same, but these didn't end up with a bug ticket I could try to reproduce and work on - so I'm not even sure if it's still a problem or was a content glitch).
  • Can't for the life of me get this to work. It won't install and crashes AE everytime saying that RetroDither can't be installed. Install it through my plugins but everytime I go to open AE it says it can't continue until the file "RetroDither.plugin" is moved to trash. I move it. Or don't. Either way it crashes. 
  • I've now installed the plugin but every time I go to use it I get "25::3 After Effects error Invalid Filter".

    Using it on After Effects CC 2020.
  • Hi Alex. Sorry for that. Could you try if this filter would work with AE CC 2019 on your machine?
    Also, please file a bug ticket so we could follow up with your case.
  • I don't know why or how but I opened up AE and it was working fine. I didn't even need to register the license. 
  • Getting a crash every time with the lastest updates of Mac OS 11.0.1 and AE 17.5.1
  • Hi. It is not working on Catalina because Apple cannot tell if it is malware. Please do fix this.
    Thank you!