Fast Camera Lens Blur
  • The only time I would use the camera lens blur in AE is to simulate depth of field.  Do you have any examples of that?  
  • Sorry, this plugin does not support Depth of Field.
    Now, the plug-in under development corresponds to Depth of Field, aiming for release next year.

    By the way, camera lens blur of AE does not correspond to Depth of Field.
    Although there is a Blur Map, it is not very useful nor it is not practical
    The attached image is the result of rendering the demonstration project of Lens Care in camera lens blur of AE.
    1920 x 1080 - 420K
  • i think the blur map is the second most important aspect of the Camera Lens Blur effect (first one is of course the blurring itself). Hope you implement the map :)
  • Hello! First of all, thanks for your very promising plugin, it looks great! Here is my questions:
    1. Do you have plans to add different Iris shapes to choose (7-9 blades?), or at least roundness parameter of the aperture blades?
    2. I noticed that "Exp/Gamma" gain doesn't affect anything at Blur radius lower than 10. (This means that highlights at these levels are darker and less photorealistic than with native plugin.) And then gamma gain applies non linearly, depending on Blur Radius value, which is a bit confusing when you need to animate blur radius from 0 and higher. At native effect and OoF this highlights gain is linear and works fine with low blur radius values. Is that technical "feature" of your much faster rendering algorithms, or this can be corrected in the future? Thanks!
  • Hello! Thank you for using my plugin!
    During this year, I will add a fast 8 blade shape. There are no plans for 7, 9+ blades.
    However, it is true that shapes like circles and seven blades are also in demand.
    Although it is not as fast as 6 or 8 blades, it will add round shapes and custom shapes that are a few times faster than Lenscare and others.

    This is a problem of the precision of the algorithm being used, and it deals with the problem that if the gain is done with a small radius, such as radius 3, the picture becomes fragile.
    In the case of a small radius, I judged that even if suppressing gain, the quality did not go down to that point, but was this a mistake?
    I plan to add a function that can adjust the calculation precision, and I will try to remove the limit after implementing it.
  • Fast Camera Lens Blur currently won't install onto my machine when installed by following user guide instructions.

    I'm excited to use it once it is functional - looks very good.
  • Oh, what does it mean you can not install? Does an error occur?
    Please tell me the OS and the model number of the CPU.
  • Oh, what does it mean you can not install? Does an error occur? Please tell me the OS and the model number of the CPU.
    I emailed all this information to your support email address
  • I am sorry that my support was delayed.
    Somehow, the mail was judged as spam mail.
    I improved the filter so that I do not judge the plug-in relation as spam mail.

    core i7 3930k is called Sandy Bridge-E, one of the core i series, one of the Extreme Editions, where intel's latest technology is pre-launched.
    There is a possibility that the optimization of the compiler made a mistake due to the difference in the instruction set installed in the CPU.

    Just like another i7-3930K user reported similar problems, it seems to be a CPU specific problem.

    I am sorry to have trouble, but please check whether the plug-ins attached to the Support Ticket can run in your environment for problem solving.
  • Hey. 
    Thank you for this amazing plugin. Just downloaded the demo and was amazed how fast it is.
    But it doesnt look very handy to me without the "blur map". If I dont want to blur the entire scene, how can I control it?
    Please consider to add "blur map" feature in the future updates.
    Thank you for the plugin again.
  • Trial is 4.1.0 not 4.1.3
  • Useless without depth input to control the amount of blur so the current pricing is ridiculous. Add that and I'll consider a purchase.
  • Bought it. Love the speed. Please add a blur matte feature. Thanks!
  • Great plugin, but add a matte control and I'll buy it. 
  • Great plugin for simple use. 
    But definitely requires:
    1. D
    epth input
    2. M
    atte control 
    3. A
    namorphic squeeze factor.

  • Great plug-in, essential for very blur-heavy projects!

    However, it does not work on macOS 11 because of an “unverified developer” situation.
    (I opened a support ticket about it)

    Edit: Problem solved by using the aescripts Manager, thanks Tumoi Yorozu!
  • Anyone else's been running really slow the past little while? I'm on an iMac Pro using Premiere Pro 15.4 (the most recent update) and it struggles to smoothly play back clips with this effect on them.