Paste Multiple Keyframes 2
  • I purchased this on 12/7/13, how do I get the 100% discount on this new version?

  • I purchased this on 12/7/13, how do I get the 100% discount on this new version?
    Keep in mind that the discount is equal to 100% of what you paid for v1 (since it was "Name Your Own Price" this will vary).  Just make sure you are logged in to the same account and will see the discount automatically. If you have any issues please open a support ticket for help.
  • please add time reverse keyframes function for in/out animation of layers. Cool script!
  • Hi Max,

    What exactly do you mean by in/out animation of layers? Do you want to have an option so that when you paste the keyframes, they are automatically time reversed?

  • hi Adam,
    thanks for such a helpful scripts,
     everything works fine except for the loop function. after copying and pasting with the loop function engaged, it seems to only paste 1 key throughout.
    when you scrub the timeline you dont see any change in the animation. and there is no loop.
    i will be really grateful if you could maybe tell me   what i must be doing wrong. i tried it on cs4 and cs6

    once again thank you for such a useful script.
  • Hi Kojo,

    I'm sorry you're having an issue with the script. When you paste the looped keyframes, does it only paste 1 keyframe? Or does it only paste one loop of keyframes?

  • OK. let say i copied two key frames A and B with deferent values and i type 10 for the number of loops. the results is going to be

    A B A A A A A A A A A  A B    instead of  A B A B A B A B A B A B A B. 
    i hope my explanation is clear.

    thanks a lot for your reply. 
  • Ahh, I see the issue. It is actually expected behavior, but perhaps not documented well enough.

    The quick answer is to create 3 keyframes: A B A.
    Then select all keyframes and position the time slider on the 2nd A.
    Pasting keyframes should now do what you expect.

    The long anwser is that the script always starts pasting the next loop on the last keyframe of the previous loop. So it is pasting A B, and then pasting another A B directly on top of the previous B. By creating 3 keyframes where the first and last are identical, the keyframes will paste as you are expecting.

  • Great!! it works like charm. that was helpful man, i really appreciate it. 

    thanks Adam.
  • It would be nice if the script can not only copy, but also to move a group of keys!
  • Thanks for the feature request. Although this may be better handled by selecting all the keyframes in the interface and shifting them over manually. Is there any reason this would work better within the script?

  • it is necessary to shift the finished animation at long distance. On the small zoom is not possible to move a large distance. At the far zoom snaping attached to the unnecessary things. Then I can allocate the necessary keys, bring the zoom, move the group to the current time. And no need to constantly make "zoom in in in zoom out out out" for each group of keys. At the far zoom is not possible, as in the example in the picture.
    I hope I'm clearly explained, English is not my native language.

  • Your script is working exactly as I need to, but it leaves the old keys)
  • Ok, that makes sense. I will try that out and see how it works within the script.

    Thanks for the suggestion,
  • could you update for the new UI system? I can only run this by opening the jsx every single time in CC 2014.
  • Hi Matthew,

    Have you updated to the most recent version? You should be able to place Paste Multiple Keyframes v2-0-2.jsxbin into the After Effects ScriptUI Panels and it should be available after restarting After Effects.

  • What if I want to copy multiple keyframes to another layers? Is it possible with this script? It would be also cool if you could copy/paste multiple keyframes between comps. 
  • Hi Miika,

    That can not be done with Paste Multiple Keyframes, it only works on the currently selected layer. However, what you are looking for can be done with another of my scripts, Keyframe Presets

  • Hi Adam. Very cool script. Can You add а small but useful improvement? When i press "Paste" button, the time slider stays in same place. It would be great that he went to the last keyframe. So i can press "Paste" several time for looping. Thank You.
  • Hi cutman,

    That's a great idea. It will be added to the next update of the scripts.

  • I've bought it last year and now it stop working
  • Hi Riccardo,

    I'm sorry you're having problems with the script. What is not working? Do the keyframes not paste when you click the button?

    What version of After Effects are you using? What OS are you on?

  • Does this work with AE for Mac? 

  • Hi Robert,

    Yes, this script works for Mac.

  • Paste Multiple keyframes is a great little script! I'd love it if I could paste multiple keyframes AND time reverse them.  So if I have a bunch of layer's i've animated in.  When I paste them then they animate out....
  • Hi Adam,

    I'm glad you like the script. That's a great idea for time reversal as an option. I'm quite busy at the moment, but when I get some time I will try and incorporate that into the next update for the script.

  • Funny. Looks like yet another spin-off of original multi-copy-paste script, which I wrote 9 years ago and
    posted on AE Enhancers site (12365 views and thousands downloads)

    It's open-source. And it has very similar interface. And it's free. And I've seen at least two other places,
    where they sell this script (with slightly modified interface.. but with same big buttons and loops).

  • HI Margolis,

    I think this might be a case of coincidental invention, and both of us created similar scripts for a common issue in After Effects. I also wrote my initial version of this back in early 2007

  • Hello ! i 've been using this script and i'm loving it... but, a couple of days ago... something happened! and now every keyframe i paste (or group of keyframes) is turned into roving keyframes... even if the original aren't rove keyframes... (as a matter of fact... it even changes the original ones into round keyframes too!) 
    I erased the sript, and re installed.. same thing... 

    Any idea?

  • oh, one more thing... if i click so it doesnt copy interpolation (even if the original keyframes dont have it...) then, it gives me new keyframes, no interpolation (not rounded keyframes.... great!) but... it turns the selected ones (those to copy) into rounded keyframes instead!!!
  • Hi Analia,

    Sorry to hear you're having an issue with the script. What properties are you keyframing? Is it possible for you to send me a private message with an attachment of your project so I can help debug the problem?

  • hello Adam! it seems your energy alone was enough to solve the problem... (or... perhaps... restarting the machine!? ) 
    well... however, it works like a charm... thank god... since i really don know how my life was before this script!
    (maybe... most my characters life!) 

    thanks again!
  • Hi Analia,

    Glad to hear it's all working for you. Enjoy!
  • Hi Adam,
    love the new loop feature, thanks !
    One request, please. I would really prefer a smaller/slimmer more compact UI panel ( not for use on FT toolbar), or at least an option to toggle, to get it smaller
  • Hi Shane,

    That's a good idea. I'll looking into putting that in the next update.

  • The main reason I purchased was to use it with liquify keyframes but it seems that it wont work with liquify. Is there a workaround for this?
  • Hi Colin,

    Unfortunately, no, this tool will not work with liquify. Certain types of custom keyframes do not work well with scripting. Examples are Liquify, the Histogram on Levels, and the Channel Range on Hue/Saturation.

    If you want to look into a refund, please email support at

  • Hi,

    I have a question, as to where to save the file after you have downloaded it. I first tried to save it under support files, plug-ins and then keyframes. But it does not appear in after effects. Should i be saving it under a different folder or is there a step i am missing after downloading the file?

    Thanking you,

  • You should copy the .jsxbin file to your After Effects ScriptUI Panels directory. On a PC, this is located at:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\<After Effects folder>\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
  • Hi Adam,

    I moved it to the folder, but it still isn't showing up in after effects. Is there anything else i can try to bring it up in after effects?


  • Hi Jenn,

    The tool should be showing up under the Window menu when you are in After Effects.

    Do you have multiple versions of After Effects installed? 

  • It's just amazing how Adobe can get away with basic functionality like this missing from the mega-awesome "industry standard" After Effects...
  • Hi Alex,

    I'm glad you're able to make good use of the script.

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to bind the action of pressing the "Paste" button (with these setting: "Number of loops" set to 1, "Do not copy/paste keyframe interpolation" set to uncheck) to a keyboard shortcut? 

  • Hi Alex,

    Yes, you can run the script via a shortcut although it takes a couple steps to set up.

    1. Instead of copying the script to the ScriptUI Panels folder, copy it to the regular Scripts folder. On a PC, this would be something like "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Scripts"

    2. Setup a hotkey to run it. Specific directions are here:

    Hope this helps,
  • Can this script copy and paste frames from one composition to another?
  • Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately this doesn't work between compositions. Although you can use a different script I created to do that.

    Check out Keyframe Presets

  • Thank you Adam, that's good to know. One more question/request: This script is so handy that I like to keep it docked on my main monitor window with my other essential panels (a minor honor, I know). I like to keep it handy because I'm clicking it all the time. But as such it really takes up a lot of real estate for what it does. Is there any way you can reduce the profile of the panel so I can shrink it down a lot further?
  • There is an update for this tool available now. This addresses a few change requests I've received.

    1) A much more compact interface. Hopefully this fits in with everyone's workflow a lot better
    2) A new option that will automatically move the time slider to the last keyframe pasted
    3) The interpolation checkbox is slightly altered. It defaults to checked now, which means that interpolation will be copied / pasted.
    Uncheck this for a significant speedup when pasting keyframes if you don't need temporal and spatial interpolation
  • I just purchased this script--Can I NOT copy from comp-to-comp ? I have multiple layers on one comp, and I need to copy them to another comp, but it doesn't seem to be working...