JPEG glitch

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Author: Zaebects

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Quick Overview

We broke the JPEG algorithm to make realistic glitches in After Effects.

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JPEG glitch
JPEG glitch
JPEG glitch JPEG glitch
JPEG glitch plugin uses JPEG compression algorithm to create effects. You can add some “errors” in each step of the algorithm or change values manually. This manipulation creates special glitch aesthetics, which is possible only with JPEG compression algorithm. We broke JPEG for you in a very controlled way and we give you a control panel.

Technically, the plugin receives each frame as a separate picture, converts it to a JPEG, and returns it in the same picture format. In the conversion stage, all magic happens, where all “errors” and glitches are added. We made it so that all “errors” and broken bytes are left at the conversion stage, so the plugin returns only “healthy” pictures, so you don’t have to worry that your rendered file will not work.
Key Features:
  1. Ability to glitch all levels of JPEG compression algorithm
  2. Works fast, you don’t have to wait for the render
  3. Crash protection. Your rendered files will work as usual
  4. JPEG glitch aesthetic is available for everyone now, without programming knowledge
  5. Many combinations of parameters, and very cool results
  1. Compression and broken bytes
    You can change the compression ratio to change the amount of information an image contains. This will affect how other parameters work, as more complex glitches require more bytes of information.

    “Broken bytes” speaks for itself, this parameter determines how many bytes of information have been changed in the image. Important! “Broken bytes” so far gives different results on MacOS and Windows, so be careful when using the same project on different platforms.
    JPEG glitch
    JPEG glitch
  2. Quantization tables
    The quantization table used has a great influence on the quality of JPEG compression. It also influences the degree of compression achieved. The section with quantization tables consists of two parts: in the first one you can change 1 of 64 values (QTC position) to any other (QTC value). In the second part, you can choose how many values out of 64 (breaking bytes) will be replaced by a random number in the range up to the selected (max random value). Checkbox turn ON/OFF only first part.
    JPEG glitch
    JPEG glitch
  3. Other parameters
    Advanced settings and Broken tools are intuitive, so try tweaking them individually and then combining them with other settings. The result will pleasantly surprise you!
    JPEG glitch
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