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Author: Remco Janssen

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Quick Overview

Expressionist improves the expression workflow by giving you basic IDE features such as syntax highlighting, line numbers and multiple cursors. It allows you to quickly add an expression to multiple properties and gives you inline error handling.




  • Monospaced font
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Line numbers
  • Word wrap
  • Active line highlighting
  • A whole bunch of shortcuts for faster editing
  • Adjustable font size
  • Automatic bracket closing
  • Smart indentation


Add an expression to multiple properties at once, load an existing expression for editing, toggle your expressions on/off and clear multiple expressions.


Make multiple selections and block selections.

Inline Errors

Any error that occurs will be shown on the line that causes it.

Pick Whip

Use the pick whip on all the usual suspects; properties, layers, comps and of course items from the project panel.

Scripting Mode

Use the editor to quickly write and execute a script without leaving After Effects.

Expression Language Menu

Use directly from the panel to insert your references.

Expression Language Menu


You can use a selection of shortcuts from the popular Sublime Text editor, right in Expressionist.





In order to do its cutting edge magic, Expressionist requires After Effects CC2015.1 (13.6). It will not be possible to make it work with previous versions.



You can read the Expressionist documentation for detailed info.

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