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Author: Steven Twigg

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Quick Overview

Group messy layers without breaking expressions or parenting. Like a pre-compose you can open in the same layer stack. Add FX, show/hide, move in timeline, keep accessible.

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New features! Opacity control, In/Out points, Visibility/Audibility control with previous state remembered, duplicate groups button, time stretching (not time remapping). See below:

What can I do with Free Compose?

Make Groups

Group any layers.

Select any layers and hit the 'Make Group' button. Hold alt if you don't want them parented. Name the group.

Move Groups

Move groups' layers easily in the timeline

Any time you move a group control layer, you can sync the contained layers either at your will by hovering over the Free Compose panel, or automatically by turning on 'Auto-Sync'. This also works for adding or subtracting layers from the group, and syncing in/out points.

Doesnt cut off content

Doesn't cut off layer content like pre composing does

Group things right in place, and dont worry about whether they'll be cut off.

Add FX

Add FX by groups

Quite like pre-composing, you can apply FX directly to a group control layer and it will apply with property links to that group's contained layers. Remove FX the same way.

Show and Hide Layers or Groups

Show and hide layers or groups

Show all the layers, or hold alt to show only a group's nested group layers.

Nested Groups Parented at Average Position

Nested groups parented at average positions

Tired of pre-composing and having the anchor point jump away? Get intuitive control with Free Compose. All group control layers are created at their contained layers' average positions.


After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018