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Author: Jordan Steele

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Quick Overview

Batch create layer markers from text

Marker Typer for After Effects creates a batch of layer markers from text automatically split at letters, words or commas. This can be extremely useful in marker triggered animation or just in general project organization.

How it works:

1. Select the layer or layers that you would like to add markers too.
2. Type out the text you want transformed into markers.
3. Choose to split that text into separate letters, words, or at commas.
4. Choose how many frames to put between markers.
5. Make markers!

Additional Tools:

Nudge Gif

Nudge Left & Right

If you need to nudge some markers around, just place the playhead between the markers you want to add space and nudge. Each click will nudge the markers by the number of frames specified in the UI.

Delete Markers

If you need a clean slate, this button will save the tedious process of Cmd-clicking each of the little markers just to get rid of them.

Delete Gif

Create Your Own Shorthand

Sometimes what you want your markers to say isn't easily typeable in a string. You can use this settings panel to set up your own shorthand. Bonus: If you setup a shortcut for "SKIP", or use "SKIP" in word or comma mode, Maker Typer will skip putting a marker in at that point giving a little pause if used with marker based animation.

Works With Comp Markers

If you're using After Effects CC 2017 or above, Marker Typer will offer to create, nudge, and delete markers if no layers are currently selected when running any of its functions.

Comp Markers

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