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Obsessive Layers 2

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

Trim your layers by a variety of methods - keyframes, mattes, markers, parenting, selection, visibility, and composition bounds.

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Obsessive Layers:

Use Obsessive Layers to quickly and easly trim the in, out, or both points of selected layers in a variety of ways. Trim methods include trimming by keyframes, markers, mattes, parent chains, selected layers, and visibility. Don't see a trim method that you think is useful? Let us know! We are always expanding the trim methods available through Obsessive Layers. Obsessive Layers works as standard dockable panel or any script launcher such as KBar.

Obsessive Features:

  • Trim to Keyframes - Trim to the first, last, or both keyframes. If no layers are selected, all will be trimmed. Hold ALT to invert the selection.
  • Trim to Markers - Trim to the the first, last, or both markers. If no layers are selected, all will be trimmed. Hold ALT to invert the selection.
  • Trim to Matte - Trim layer to track mattes. Hold the ALT key to trim track mattes to layers.
  • Trim to Parent - Trim layer to immediate parent. Hold the ALT key to trim up the parent chain.
  • Trim to Children - Trim layer to immediate children. Hold the ALT key to trim down the parent chain. Only 1 layer can be selected.
  • Trim to Selected - Trim layers to the first selected layer. Hold the ALT key to trim layers to the last selected layer.
  • Trim to Visibility - Trim layers to 0% opacity keyframes. Hold the ALT key to trim layers to 0% scale keyframes.
  • Trim to Comp (2D) - Trim layers to within the composition bounds (2d layers only ignoring cameras)

"So simple but super useful. I like!" - Paul Slemmer, VeracityColab
"This is absolutely amazing! You guys did an amazing job! I'm seriously in love with it." - Michael Struble, Freelance

"Obsessive Layers for After Effects is the Drawing Room’s tool for managing the length of the layers in your project. It’s a handy organization tool to trim many layers efficiently with a variety of methods. A new update to Obsessive Layers adds even more ways to trim layers.

The latest version adds the ability to trim to a designated selection. You can also trim layers to visibility, which looks at the “zero” percent keyframes of a layer and automatically cuts that selection accordingly.

Another great addition is the ability to use Obsessive Layers with tool-bar launchers such as FT-Toolbar or Kbar. The Ae tool now comes with SVG icons that you can use in your toolbar."

- Product review on Lester Banks

Upgrade notice: If you purchased Obsessive Layers 1, you can upgrade to Obsessive Layers 2 for free . To upgrade, simply login to the same account as your original purchase and add this version to the cart for free. If you have any questions or need any assistance upgrading please open a support request.

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
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