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Author: JB Noel

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Quick Overview

Select the compositions you want to organize, and simply hit the button. OrganizerPro analyzes and sorts your project panel according to your selection and settings, all with just one click! Compositions, precompositions, images, videos, and audios are easily extracted from chaotic project files, while unnecessary items are moved into a separate folder. Share your presets with your team using a simple file, without disrupting anyone's workflow.

What it does:

  • Organize
    Simply select the compositions you wish to organize and hit the button. The script will analyze each layer within and organize all your assets. Easily extract and organize only the resources you need according to your settings, moving everything else into a dedicated folder. All with just one click!

  • Archive!
    When your project is complete and you're ready to deliver, the archive function organizes the project and prompts you to collect files. Your project will be clean inside and out.

  • Settings
    This is where the magic happens. Customize your settings to match your needs, activating or renaming features to suit your preferences. Once you're satisfied, save your preset with a simple click and use it whenever you need to.

This script is dockable. To keep it always close, simply dock it under your project panel. It's a simple row that will never get in the way!


Key Benefits:

  1. Effortless Organization
    Streamline project organization from any source, tailored to your preferences, saving valuable time and eliminating frustration.

  2. Customizable Folder Structures
    Shape organization to fit your unique requirements with flexible and adaptable folder structures.

  3. Studio Standardization
    Establish a uniform project organization system across your studio without disrupting motion designer workflows.

  4. File Type Identification
    Discern file sources by type and extension, accelerating access to essential assets.

  5. Preset Sharing
    Effortlessly exchange configurations among peers, ensuring alignment and fostering collaboration.

Additional Features:

  • Zero-Based Comp Timing
    Begin each composition at 0, ensuring consistency and simplifying editing.

  • Project Optimization
    Enhance performance by decluttering projects and removing redundant files and empty folders.

  • Smart File Separation
    Automatically segregate irrelevant files from RENDER folder compositions into a dedicated Sources folder maintaining tidy organization and easy access to essential resources.

How it works :

  • Select the compositions you wish to organize, and they will go inside a root folder called RENDER. Everything else will be sorted inside a RESOURCES folder.

  • The resources are divided into 6 categories: Precompositions, Images, Videos, Audios, Solids, and Sources. Activate the ones you want to add to your RESOURCES folder.

  • Precompositions :
    Every composition in your RENDER folder will have a respective precomp folder found inside PRECOMPS. If you have precomps shared between compositions, a Shared Precomps folder will be created.

  • Images, Videos, Audios :
    Add as many file extensions as you need with the + and - buttons. Files will be sorted by extension, with any unsorted files placed inside the OTHERS folder.

  • Sources :
    Extract the project files you need from a composition selection. Anything else remaining in the project will be placed inside this folder if you didn't activate "Reduce the project."

  • Solids :
    All solids will be gathered in this folder, eliminating scattered clutter.

Team / Studio Solution:

Your presets aren't just for you – they're for everybody working with you. Share your presets in the OrganizerPro folder within your computer Documents folder. Simply share the one you want for your team project, restart your script, and you're all set! Everybody will have the same project organization without limiting their workflow.

If you want to remove presets from your dropdown menu, simply remove them from your Documents folder > OrganizerPro


Feel free to contact me anytime. I created this script because my clients and I needed it, and I'm always happy to hear from you. Your feedback could even be integrated into the next version!


After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022