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Conform Studio

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Quick Overview

Conform Studio is a set of scripts that help you automate and manage your vfx workflow: precompose, batch rename, trim, extract, and replace comps with rendered files.


Conform Studio is a set of scripts designed to manage your VFX production. With Conform Studio you can automatically precompose your shots, batch rename them using highly customisable presets, extract your compositions into separate files and trim your media to reduce the amount of data you distribute to your artists. After the work is done, you can replace the compositions with rendered files, automatically update them to the latest version or replace the renders with graded files from another folder. Don't waste your time - it's not worth it.


Conform Studio consists of several scripts having the following features:

Conform Studio

  • Panel that launches other scripts

CS Conform

  • Precompose your layers
  • Insert shots into already conformed compositions
  • Select a folder to create your compositions in
  • Add handles
  • Group layers by name
  • Group overlapping layers 
  • Skip Guide Layers - new!
  • Leave attributes for the single layers
  • Inherit labels
  • Inherit timecode
  • Enable frame blending for time remapped and stretched layers
  • Name your compositions using naming presets
  • Save default settings 
  • Export and import presets between machines

CS Extract

  • Extract compositions into separate files
  • Collect media
  • Trim media using many configurable options
  • Select different encoding for files with and without alpha channel
  • Add handles to trimmed media
  • Consolidate files with gaps
  • Move compositions and footage to designated folders 
  • Run custom project or composition scripts on each extracted composition
  • Save processing presets as defaults

CS Reconform

  • Replace compositions with rendered files or image sequences
  • Update renders with new versions
  • Replace renders with files from another directory
  • Select any destination folder to import footage to
  • Conform Studio Panel
  • CS Conform v1.2 Basic Options
  • CS Conform v.1.2.3 Advanced Options
  • CS Conform v.1.2.3 Advanced Options
  • CS Extract v1.2 Basic Options
  • CS Extract v1.2 Trim Options
  • CS Extract v1.2 Processing Options
  • CS Reconform


Installing the scripts

Automatic Precompose Using CS Conform

Trimming and Extracting Compositions Using CS Extract

Replacing Compositions With Render Files Using CS Reconform

v1.1 update

v1.2 update

After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6