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Author: Joachim Holler

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Quick Overview

Automatic high quality viseme–based mouth animations. In a matter of seconds.



Time is money, so stop wasting it. Lipsyncr finishes tasks in a matter of seconds that would otherwise cost you dozens of hours. The longer you work with it, the more time it will save you. So let’s better start now!



Every project is different. That’s why with lipsyncr you can control the level of detail of your animation and the amount of illustration effort. The workflow is so flexible that you can combine any number of audio tracks with different mouth compositions.



Don’t worry about complex viseme mappings and workflows anymore. Lipsyncr features a clean interface that is integrated into the After Effects functionality you are used to work with. Not exactly a ‘one-button solution’, but as close as it gets!


Key Features

  • Full-featured English speech analysis
  • Combine any number of audio files and mouth compositions
  • Three different viseme mappings: 4 illustrations (low quality), 7 illustrations (medium quality), 10 illustrations (high quality)
  • Template viseme images including illustration guides


  • Create a template composition with your desired viseme count and replace the templates with your own images
  • Import your spoken track and its transcription and let lipsyncr analyze it
  • Let lipsyncr animate the mouth composition to your desired spoken track!


The current version of the speech analysis engine only works with English language. For all the other languages, the script provides a manual mode. Check the video section on how to use Premiere Pro Speech Analysis instead!



Need support? Check out the FAQs, write a comment, or open a support request!

Cinema 4D

Interested in using lipsyncr inside Cinema 4D? Have a look at the workflow tutorial in the 'Videos' section!

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