AM Dropdown Effect Helper

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Adirai Maji

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Quick Overview

Automate the Dropdown Menu Control Effect.

Make sure you are using a compatible release of After Effect. Please read the Note section for further information.

What it does

Have you ever tried to add lots more items to Dropdown Menu Control effect? Tired of creating each item one by one? And went through the hassle of selecting a single item at the bottom of a huge list?

Here's the quick solution for you. With this script you can easily add multiple items to Dropdown Menu Control Effect at once and Select any item in a huge list without spending your time on scrolling up & down. In simple words, this script is used to manage Dropdown Menu Control Effect.


    ● Name the Dropdown Menu Control Effect.
    ● Add a series of items.
    ● Add items by line breaks.
    ● Add items by Array.
    ● Apply dropdown effect on last selected layer.
    ● If there's no valid selection, Dropdown Effect added to a new text layer.
    ● Choose items with their index number.
    ● Add keyframes at the current time.


    ● Make sure you're running After Effects CC 2020 Version 17.5.1 or above to run this script without any bugs.
    ● Due to limitations of Dropdown Menu Control Effect in After Effects, The maximum number of Items you can add is limited to 1168.

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