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Author: Adirai Maji

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Quick Overview

Select layers based on their attributes & easily set and change their values.


What it does

Have you ever tried to select layers based on it's different attribute values? Searching for a specific set of layers from dozens of layers in your timeline? And went through the hassle of selecting them one by one?

Here's the quick solution for you. With AM Select And Set, you can easily select layers based on most of its attributes like layer type, layer name, index, label, blending modes, and much more. You can also change the values layer attributes at once after selection is done.


    ● Select Layers based on
        - Type (10 Types)
        - Attribute Values (19 Attributes)    
    ● Selection by checking all or one of the conditions
    ● Invert the selection
    ● Change layer attributes of selected layers.

How To Use

   ●  There are 4 interactive sections in the UI:

UI Sections

   1 -  Choose between Select and Set functions.
   2 -  Choose layer types.
   3 -  Choose layer attributes.
   4 -  Choose the condition and also initiate the selection.

 Selection Examples:

   Example 1 :

   ● If you want to select all layers with 3D ENABLED & RED LABEL & VISIBILITY OFF. You need to make the setup like below and click on the select button.

   ● This will only select any layers in the timeline which satisfy all three conditions.

Example 1

   Example 2 :

   ● If you want to select layers that satisfy any one of the above conditions You just need to change Check at least One in section 4.

Example 2 

   Example 3 :

   ● If you want to limit the selection with specific layer types you can choose one or more layer types in section 1.

   ● This setup only selects the Image or Video layers which are 3D ENABLED & RED LABEL & VISIBILITY OFF & ignores all other layer types with the same attribute values.

Example 3


     ● To change the attributes of selected layers just enable the Set button on section 1. Then you can change any possible attributes of selected layers.


   More Options :

     ● If {SHIFT} key hold down while pressing this button. This selects the layers with filters. But, the Previous selection won't be disturbed.
     ● If {ALT} or {OPTION} key hold down while pressing this button. It won't care about the filters and it will invert the selections in Active Composition.



     ● If you're running After Effects version 17.6 and above the label colors and their names section will be reflected from your preferences.

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