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Quick Overview

A ground-breaking new plugin that turns exposure into cold hard cash!

Turn exposure into cold hard cash

No need to turn down that job that only promises to pay with exposure. With our patented artificial intelligence algorithm we insert advertisements into your scene and our exclusive encrypted currency deposits into your account in real-time!


  • Let's you accept jobs you would otherwise turn down
  • Uses the latest most intelligent artificial intelligence available
  • Customizable Integrity slider
  • Uses the latest cryptocurrency craze: Script Coin!
  • Coming soon: Extra Exposure Setting

Script Coin


This product does not actually exist but maybe with enough exposure from advertisers, we can afford to build it.

If you are interested in other products that actually exist go here.

We debated whether or not it was appropriate to release an April Fool's joke during a time of crisis. The consensus that we came to was - yes, we are all in need of a good laugh right now. However, this doesn't mean we aren't taking this crisis seriously. Please see our announcement about how we are doing and what we are doing to help the community.

Something else we debated was which voice over we should use on the promo, check out the one that didn't make the cut and let us know in the comments which one you prefer.