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Author: anyFX360

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Quick Overview

Use any traditional video effect you like with After Effects & 360° - seamlessly - with a click of a button.
Improve your 360°-workflow and extend the possibilities: With anyFX360 apply effects from the many included non-360°-aware After Effects filters to any other third-party effect from Red Giant, Red Giant/Universe, Boris/FX, Re:Vision Effects and many others. Seamlessly, edge to edge, with all the favorite 2D-effects you love.

Seamlessly use your traditional non-360°-aware effects

Easily use all of your favorite effect plugins with your 360° video footage and a click of a button.

With anyFX360 you can simplify the post production workflow with 360° footage and extend the reach of traditional video effects and filters to 360° footage.
Go beyond what is possible with the integrated After Effects tools and the included immersive filters.
Use regular 2D-effects in 360° - edge to edge and seamlessly.

Just look and see what makes the difference – in our 360°-viewer with some popular 3rd-party effects:

Simply open the tool in the After Effects panel and start using your preferred traditional video effect filters in 360° - seamlessly - with a click of a button.

You can use hundreds of available effect filters - like the included After Effects 2D-filters and any other third-party effect plugin, which usually are not 360°-aware and produce seams at the edges.

Now you can use them seamlessly full frame, edge to edge.

Use anyFX360 and apply all of these effects without a need to be specifically designed for 360°-video, like art simulating effects, camera blurs, light effects and many others.

The problem:

Usually what happens when you apply traditional effects to 360°-equirectangular footage is a noticable visible seam.

Our solution:

Our script blends your favorite effect to a seamless visual experience with one click. After you applied anyFX360 to your footage you end up with a specially integrated adjustment layer in the edit view, where you can use all of your effects as you would normally do or even combine more than one effect. All effects you use can be keyframe animated of course.


  • One click to enable any 360°, monoscopic 2:1 footage to seamlessly apply regular 2D-effects to it
  • Advanced blending technique for generating effects (like artist simulating effects etc.)
  • regular 2D-effects can be applied and combined
  • integrated AE-Panel with comps listed, where you can easily switch to Edit and Output
  • goes beyond what is possible with the AE-included immersive tools and effects
  • additional settings for optional blending adjustments and pole optimizations 

Technically our tool works with any effect. So basically every effect that works with your 360°-footage (with seams) should also works with our tool. The difference is, we internally increase the resolution of the comp, so the requirements in terms of memory and computing power can slightly increase.

3D-effects should also work, but they are usually not meant to be used in conjunction with our tool, which is for all the 2D effects basically out there.

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about anyFX360.


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