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Quick Overview

25% Off until July 12. Plugin for Adobe Photoshop that makes tiles and seamless textures.


Make tiles and seamless textures easily in Adobe Photoshop


  • Choose between rectangle and ellipse shapes for tiles.
  • Select from various grid patterns like bricks, ceramic tiles, and more.
  • Adjust the tile width, height, gap, and other aspects to get the desired look.
  • Easily drag and drop seamless textures for tiling.
  • Adjust rotation, scaling, and remove patterns.
  • Experience real-time updates and iteration with auto-update.
  • Quickly convert grids into seamless textures.
  • Adjust high pass and patch width for image-based seamless textures.
  • Choose between Tiler and Pattern Fill for the tiling method.
  • Fine-tune texture scale, rotation, and repetition.


Tiler version 4


What's new and different from Tiler version 3?


  • Changed the way the Make Tiles tab works. Now it's easier to use and all you need to do is pick a single seamless texture and press the Make Tiles button. You can easily switch between the different tiling grids.
  • Significant performance improvements in the Make Tiles. A new tiling grid is created almost instantly after pressing the Make Tiles button.
  • Added tile Shape in the Make Tiles section that can be used to increase the number of possibilities and variations of the Tiling Grid.
  • Removed the texture variations (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) from the Make Tiles.
  • Added Texture Scale, Reduce Repetition, and Rotate Texture in the Make Tiles section for easier and more advanced texture manipulation.
  • Added Convert to Seamless option in the Make Tiles section that can easily crop the texture based on the Tiling Grid and make it seamless.
  • Added Presets Manager to the Make Seamless section.
  • Switched from the predefined High Pass value to a text-based input field to give more control over this setting.
  • The Additional tab/section was changed into the Tile Texture. Besides the name change the functionality of that section changed as well. The Torn Edges functionality was removed. This tab now holds all tools that can be used just for tiling the texture on the Photoshop canvas. The texture can be tiled across the entire canvas or within the selection. If the resolution of the canvas is too large then the recommendation is to use a different "Tiling Method" like the "Pattern Fill" or to make a rectangular selection and then press the "Tile Texture" button. This recommendation will help improve performance. This tab also has the Texture Scale, Rotate Texture, and Reduce Repetition for advanced texture manipulation.


Multiple tiling patterns Making seamless textures Tiling textures across canvas or selection Making tiles with ease Reducing pattern repetition algorithm Intuitive UI that fits every theme


Upgrade Notice

If you purchased Tiler Photoshop Extension V3 after Apr 1, 2024 you can upgrade for $6, otherwise you can upgrade for $14. Simply login to the same account and the upgrade price will be automatically displayed. If you need assistance please open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist

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