Comp Replicator: CSV Driven Batch Comps

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Author: Adam Nix

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Quick Overview

25% Off until July 20. Streamlines the process of generating multiple versions of graphics or animations from a single template composition, each tailored with different content from a spreadsheet.


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Comp duplication,
no complications.

Transform your video production workflow with Comp Replicator, the ultimate tool for easily duplicating and customizing Adobe After Effects compositions with the power of spreadsheets.

Whether you're crafting stunning titles, localizing copy across the world, or automating video sequences, this script makes turning spreadsheets into comps smooth, fast, and easy for beginners or pros.

Replace layers easily

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Room to grow

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Replicate renders

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Rapid adjustments

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Spreadsheet Powered
  • Effortless Duplication: Turn your spreadsheets into multiple compositions while their customizing layers. Compatible with .csv, .tsv, and .txt files.
  • Source Swap: Easily replace text or swap layer media. Search the project for existing items by name, or import files by file path.
  • Dig Deep: Target nested layers with no issues. Entire nested comp hierarchies are automatically replicated.


Smart UI
  • Intelligent Autofill: The user-friendly interface auto-populates from your CSV, adding tabs as needed. Perfect for managing large amounts of data without breaking a sweat.
  • Minimal Layout: Easily make changes to your compositions with a responsive and straightforward interface, ideal for users of any experience level.
  • Tagged Layers: Tag specific layers in your template comp to speed up the target selection process.


Easy Rendering
  • Flexible Renders: Effortlessly add to your render queue, send comps to Media Encoder, or even replicate render items that are already queued.
  • Quick Settings: Tailor your render settings with After Effects defaults, and output both movies and stills to perfectly suit your project's needs.


Personalized Preferences
  • Set and Forget: Customize default values for template names, CSV paths, naming schemes, and more, so you can jump straight into your creative process.
  • One Click Operation: Pre-configure your settings to create everything at once and start rendering automatically.
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