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PFTrack 2d Data Importer

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Quick Overview

Simply import 2d tracking data from PFTrack.



Need to import 2D tracking data from PFTrack text file and don’t know what to do with it?

which contains something like:

# "Name"
# clipNumber
# frameCount
# frame, xpos, ypos, similarity

1 727.084106 16.648388 0.876433
2 718.584106 15.492138 0.926309
3 710.799683 41.288540 0.970435
4 707.592163 81.398315 1.000000
5 706.529663 179.273315 0.921553

and you don't know how to use it in After Effects?

Or you just love to track everything in PFTrack, and need to use the 2d tracking data in After Effects?

PFTrack 2d Data Importer can help you.

Simple UI


Way to use

1. Import tracked footage

2. Create composition with EXACTLY same parameters as in tracked footage.

3. Check: Width, Height,  Frame Rate, Start Timecode and Duration.

4. Click Import on script panel and select text file with 2d tracking data.

5. Wait until import process completed (press ESC if you want to cancel import). Please be patient, sometimes import takes long time, according to amount of tracked data

Imported Nulls will have same names as in PFTrack 



Script understands text files with tracking data in PFTrack format:

# "Name"

# clipNumber

# frameCount

# frame, xpos, ypos, similarity


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STRUTTURA nor PFTrack_Importer has no affilation with thePixel Farm Ltd.

  • PFTrack 20 After Effects
After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6