Ps Text Converter for After Effects

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Quick Overview

Make Photoshop text layers editable in After Effects, with correct scale and correctly transferred animation and masks.

Ps Text Converter for After Effects


Do you deal with a lot of text layers imported from Photoshop? Are you frustrated with the results?

Like Wrong scale: 837.2123% instead of 100%

Or the fact that After Effects doesn't transfer animation to Text layers. It just parents the layer to original one.

PsTextConverter solves these problems and improves the workflow

Simply to use UI


Convert Button

It will convert Photoshop layers to editable Text layers, and convert all Transform animations from source to Text:

Position, Scale, Rotation, AnchorPoint

I will put all the values at the same coordinates as it was on the source layer in Photoshop. Plus it will transfer Masks animations as well.

And depending on status of checkbox "Delete original layers", it will leave original layer for your backup, or delete it.

Just One-click to resolve a headache

Stop wasting time transferring animation to converted layers.

FixScale Button

If you converted your Photoshop layers to editable text using the built-in "Convert to Editable Text" you will want to fix the weird scale. You can press Fix Scale to Normalize text scale to 100%. It supports masks! But please be adviced that it doesn't process keyframes in the current version. It is just aimed to fix scale after manual conversion.

Fix scale in one click

Fix Scale
After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6