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Author: GothLab

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Quick Overview

Copy and paste clipboard images between After Effects & Photoshop.

  ✨ Copy Paste images from Clipboard into After Effects and Photoshop! ✨ 


Tired of the hassle of saving, dragging, and dropping images into your projects?

Introducing our game-changing extension – the ultimate solution for seamless image importing!

Effortless Clipboard Integration:
Copy an image while browsing the web, open our extension, and Ctrl+V your way to instant project integration.

Transparent PNG Support in Photoshop:
Our extension enables Ctrl+V for transparent PNGs, eliminating the frustration of unsupported clipboard actions.

Flexible Saving Options:
Choose where you save whether it's your desktop, documents, the project file location, or a custom path.

Supported formats:

PNG + ALPHA (Transparency), PNG, JPG, WEBP, JFIF, BASE64, AVIF, GIF (First frame)

Unsupported formats:



• The easiest way to install is by using the aescripts + aeplugins manager

•  You can also install using the zxp installer.

• In After Effects, enable 'Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network' in Edit > Preferences > Scripting and Expressions


• Create New Composition

• Go Window > Extensions > imgPasterAE

• Select Timeline panel (If you want to paste image on it) 

• Copy your image to clipboard (from web browser or other applications).

• Click on extension window area so it is highlightedHold Ctrl + V (⌘ + V MAC)

• Your image will be generated and imported into the project and placed on the timeline.



Will generate an image file from the clipboard that can be saved in:

  • Desktop
  • Documents folder
  • Same as open project file (Opened project required to be saved)
  • Custom path

Extension shortcut:

For faster usage, create a keyboard shortcut.
• Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts
• Find imgPaster, click on area under Shortcut column and press keys to add new shortuct.


Made using CEP8. Requires CC 2018+ version of After Effects (15+).

Apple Silicon Machines must run Photoshop under Rosetta Mode

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018
Photoshop 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018
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