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  • Compatibility Premiere
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Quick Overview

Batch export individual clips from your Premiere Pro sequences in a single click. Including applied effects!

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Export thousands of individual clips from your Premiere Pro timeline in a single click! Including applied effects!

Select an encoding preset:

Encoding Preset Dropdown Image

Select your track options:

Track Options Image

Optionally filter which clips to export:

Clip Filters Dropdown Image

  • Ignore disabled clips
  • Clip Name starts with
  • Clip Name contains
  • Clip name ends with
  • Clip name is
  • Clip is selected
  • Clip is not selected
  • Ignore adjustment layers
  • Clip duration is more than
  • Clip duration is less than
  • Clip is within sequence in and out points
  • Clip is not within sequence in and out points
  • Clip is in bin
  • Clip file extension is
  • Ignore offline clips
  • Clip is a nested sequence
  • Clip is not a nested sequence

Customize the file name with variables:

File Name Customization Image

  • Clip Name
  • Clip File Name
  • Clip Index
  • Clip Start: Frames
  • Clip Start: Timecode
  • Clip Start: Timecode Number
  • Item Name
  • Track Name
  • Sequence Name
  • Sequence Fps
  • Sequence Resolution
  • Sequence Width
  • Sequence Height
  • Project Name
  • Counter
  • Date: Day
  • Date: Month
  • Date: Year
  • Date: Hour
  • Date: Minutes
  • Date: Seconds

Select an output folder:

Output Folder Dropdown Image

Choose to render in Premiere Pro or Media Encoder:

Export Options Image

Choose to create a new sequence and export to FCP Xml:

After Export Options Image

And watch the machine work!


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Premiere 2022, 2021, 2020
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    • Compatibility Premiere

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    Easily create thumbnails for social media and client websites. Directly from your Sequence (Premiere Pro), Composition (After Effects) or Document (Photoshop).

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    Selector for Premiere Pro

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