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Quick Overview

The Engaging, and Customisable Subtitling Solution for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Available as a perpetual license or subscription. This is a perpetual license.

See $8 monthly and $80 yearly subscription options below.

Subscription Options:



$80/Year (2 Months Free)


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The Engaging, and Customisable Subtitling Solution
for Adobe Premiere Pro

Subtitling just got a whole lot easier and more dynamic with the launch of SubMachine. This innovative new tool allows video editors to quickly create engaging and customisable subtitles with just a few clicks, all within the familiar Adobe Premiere Pro environment.

Our innovative workflow takes the agonising grunt-work out of word-by-word animation - SubMachine takes care of that for you, letting you focus on the fun stuff.

SubMachine brings the power of MOGRTS to the people, giving you full control over 9 powerful templates that make expressive and exciting animated subtitles easy and fun, even if you’re not a professional motion designer. Don’t want to go into After Effects? No need - our mogrts provide so much flexibility and control you never need to leave Premiere.

The intermediate user can easily tweak our existing templates in After Effects and create new looks to match your brand or your clients demands.

And if you are a motion graphics professional, you can use your After Effects skills to make your own MOGRT that works seamlessly with SubMachine using our Blank Slate template.

Included Motion Graphics Templates (Mogrts):

Animator/Animator Pro: Powerful control for expressive and bespoke animations.

Blank Slate: Includes only the bare-minimum for SubMachine compatibility - allowing you to start from scratch on your own subtitle style.

Block: A powerful, symmetrical arrangement into up to 8 lines of text. Great for full-screen callouts, or recreating the look of Instagram subtitles.

Dynamo: Inspired by the popular “Alex Hormozi” style - powerful and simple - check out our new “Single Word” features in this latest release!

Karaoke: A customisable banner highlights each word as it’s spoken - an elegant and popular look.

Lite: A simple and lightweight option designed for users who want word-by-word animation but are still rocking their dad’s Dell.

Pod: Inspired by the elegant Ali Abdaal style, text fades in as it’s spoken, with an optional background for increased legibility.

Tiktok: Looks like the real thing - but with so much more control! You can toggle between Tiktok default colours and fonts, or just take advantage of the powerful per-line backgrounds to make your own look.


System Requirements:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 or above; Adobe After Effects CC 2022 or above Mac or Windows, recommended operating system language is English. Mogrts compatible with Premiere Pro 2023 are included and new and updated mogrts are regularly shared via Discord.

If you need to manually downgrade mogrts, it’s easily done by opening them in After Effects and using the "Save Copy As XX.X" command to open the mogrt in a previous version of After Effects. You can then export the mogrts in the frame rates you require.

SRT Languages:
Whilst SubMachine has predominantly been tested in English it does appear to work with SRT files in other languages too. So far we have tested Hebrew, Vietnamese and Danish SRT files, all with success. If you'd like us to run some tests on an SRT in your language, send an email to [email protected] with an example SRT file and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bear in mind, some fonts do not work well with some languages when it comes to special characters.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here's an FAQ doc with some answers to the most commonly asked questions.


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More info:
We would love to see your sub creations! Use #createdWithSubMachine to get featured on our social pages.

SubMachine is a collaboration between BMP Creative and Creative Workflow Solutions.

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