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Quick Overview

AutoFill is a revolutionary new plugin for After Effects that fluidly fills the bounds of your layer to save you hours of tedious masking & keyframing.

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AutoFill - Automatically create filling animation for your shape or image

AutoFill uses your layer or image transparency as a guide for which direction to grow and fill. You can compare AutoFill with the water that flows through your image and avoids transparent areas.

Unlimited Usage Possibilities

AutoFill is a core effect that will assist you in a wide variety of tasks such as animated reveals, texture changes, dissolves, transitions, looping animations and more.

Animated Handwriting

Create realistic, complex handwriting drawing animations automatically. Works with any fonts or languages. AutoFill your graffiti titles, traditional calligraphy text, hand-drawn letters, Chinese characters, and so much more.

Growing Plants

A huge number of twigs, petals, flowers make the process of plant growth animation endlessly long. But with AutoFill all that complex animation could be done in a few minutes, without the need for manual animation of each line. Just point out from where to grow and your tree will grow itself.

Illustration Reveal

Easily animate illustrations consisting of many different complex shapes, elements, lines with full control over the growth speed of each of the elements. Create an animated reveal that works in tight interaction with the content of your illustration.

Animated Logos and Icons

AutoFill is a keyless animation effect, that's why it is so clean and easy to use. Turn a set of static icons into a set of animated icons. If you have a unique logo, AutoFill will create unique animation, based on your logo or icon shape. Create a minimalistic logo reveals in a few seconds.

Blueprints Animation

Easily Animate your architectural plan, layout, scheme, and even hand-drawn sketch. Scan your blueprint, remove the background, and just apply AutoFill. That's it! AutoFill is the easiest way to create complex, multi-line animations of non-vector images.

Fast to Render & Easy to Use

Simply apply AutoFill, set the growth origin, and play. It's that simple. AutoFill is GPU accelerated so you can preview your results in real time (subject to hardware).

Includes 25 Ready to Use Presets

Create ready-made videos based on AutoFill right after you purchase. These professional templates reveal the vast potential of AutoFill.

Complete Animation Control

AutoFill is a new type of keyframe-less animation in After Effects where you have complete control.

Control speed in different areas with Speed Map. This feature allows you to use a custom layer to control the speed in different areas of your animation. The lighter the area, the faster the animation will be and vice versa.

Control where and how the growth animates with source options such as "Point/Points", "Layer Source" and an automatic "Noise" source option.

AutoFill Documentation

Visit our wiki page where you will find information about each Autofill feature and how to use it. There you will find FAQ, Pro-tips for use, instructions, examples, and tutorials for all your questions.

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After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
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