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Quick Overview

TextBox is a native plugin that creates a perfectly sized, customisable shape behind your text that updates automatically and is applied directly to the text layer so no need for parenting, mattes or expressions!

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Features include:

  • Native plugin (this means it's super fast and all on one layer)
  • You can apply it directly to the text layer, so no need for parenting, mattes or expressions
  • Shape options (auto, square, circle)
  • Shape expansion
  • Round corners option
  • Full transform controls to animate the box independently from the text
  • Matting options
  • Border options
  • Works with 3D text and paragraph text
  • Compatible with motion blur

Useful applications:

  • Transitioning text
  • Adding stylish backgrounds to text
  • Creating lower thirds
  • Creating subtitles or closed captions
TextBox in action

Animated border example:

Animated border example


Using matting to transition text:

Using matting to transition text

TextBox is perfect for saving time when working with text & shapes. Layer parenting is helpful but doesn't take into account things such as animated tracking. Parenting is even more cumbersome if you want matting as well. TextBox does all this and more in one convenient layer.


TextBox is compatible with 3D text but won't take into account Z position. Rest assured it does take into account X&Y position!


TextBox Tutorials

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