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  • Compatibility After Effects
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below
  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below

Author: Lasse Lauch

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Quick Overview

Now supporting Redshift. The most advanced C4D -> AE Importer


AEC4D-PRO optimizes the workflow between Cinema 4D and After Effects


A complete rewrite with a beautiful new Interface...


Sounds good, but what's new???


Overwrite Layers...

You've exported Objects to After Effects and now you've changed some parameters and you need to update only those Layers in your current Composition? No Problem!

AEC4D-PRO knows which Objects you've exported!

Select the Objects you want to update and hit Overwrite Layers, the Objects you've had selected in Cinema 4D, are going to be updated instantly in After Effects.

Import Textures, Stills & Multipasses!!!

Importing your renderings and images has never been so easy...!

[DEFAULT-CLICK]: Open After Effects if it's closed, or activate your current selected Version.

[ALT-CLICK]: Switch quickly between your installed After-Effects Versions.

[SHIFT-CLICK]: Import Textures, Stills & Multipasses

By default the path from your rendersettings: Regular Image 'File...' is used to search for multipasses and footage... ( c4d-tokens and relative paths will automatically be converted. ) Oh, and you can also specify your own path within the "Settings".

Handling of Stage-Objects

Support for Text-Layers

Export "Film-Offset"

Export Markers


...and so much more....


... Browse the Documentation ...


... How to Install ...

( After you entered your license-code or used "trial", you simply have to restart C4D..! )

... Upgrade Notice ...

If you own AEC4D you can upgrade to this all new Pro version for $14.99. Simply login to the same account and the upgrade price will be automatically shown. If you require assistance please open a support request.

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
Cinema 4D 2024, 2023, S26, R25, S24, R23, S22, R21, R20, R19, R18, R17
  • shareIO - more than just a folder.

    Lasse Lauch

    • Compatibility Cinema 4d


    Instantly share Objects, Materials, Rendersettings, Documents and Projects incl. Assets, with multiple users and much more...

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