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  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
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Author: Lasse Lauch

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Quick Overview

Instantly share Objects, Materials, Rendersettings, Documents and Projects incl. Assets, with multiple users and much more...


shareIO - NEW PLUGIN for Cinema4D



Start to collaborate SMART, FAST & EASY ... NOW!



Start by creating a Project!


• Drag and drop your project folder into the Overview

• Name your Project

Click the checkbox if you want to create a subfolder for shareIO


Now, you can hit Export or start to drag and drop your Items into the Overview.


Works with every local network or sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive etc.)



shareIO let's you instantly share:


• Objects

• Materials

• Rendersettings

• Documents

• Projects incl. Assets

...with multiple users.



Filter & Search:


It's possible to choose Favorites and Filter/Search the Overview.


Drag and Drop external C4D-Files:




Basically any file that can be imported by C4D can be dragged into your current project...
Hold Alt to export Project incl. Assets!!!
No more digging through your hard-drive for any textures or assets! :)


Quick Shortcuts!


Shortcuts - Explainer


Use these simple Keyboard-Shortcuts while hovering over the shareIO Window!


R or F5: Refresh Overview...

A: Toggle Filter: Archive

F: Toggle Filter: Favorites

Q or Double-Click: Merge...

Alt-Click: Load...



+ Awesome Workflow-Tools !!!

(all included.)




Commands to quickly organize and clean up your Document.


• Create: - - - Seperator - - -

• Colorize Objects

• Delete invisible Objects

• Delete "Empty" Material-Tags

• Delete all Material-Tags

• Delete Third-Party-Tags

• Delete Layer (incl. Materials/Objects)

• Clean Document



RecentFiles - Explainer


Search for most recent files and import/merge or open in Finder/Explorer.


• Search for most recent files in given folder

• Show specific file extensions only ( e.g. .obj, .fbx, .abc )

• Limit how many files are shown

• Merge directly into document or open in Finder/Explorer.



PyTools - Explainer


*.py files within "scripts" folder are instantly available to all users.


• Search through "scripts" folder of a project and lists all *.py files
• Users are able to run *.py scripts directly
• Great for project specific scripts and all sorts of helper scripts!


Ctrl-Click: Open "scripts" folder in Finder/Explorer...

Alt-Click (on *.py): Edit *.py in default Text-Editor...



Chatlog - Explainer


The Chatlog gives you a neat chat interface for each project...


• Chat and share shitty Youtube-Links with all users... :)
• Send Emoticons ❤️
• Filepaths and HTTP-Links are automatically converted to links and will open the desired location... ( if path exists on your system )





14-Day Trial without any limitations...

Support for R16 - R23

Unicode / International Characters supported.

and lots more...


View Documentation...

How to Install...

View FAQ...

Cinema 4D 2024, 2023, S26, R25, S24, R23, S22, R21, R20, R19, R18, R17, R16
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    Lasse Lauch

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    • Compatibility Cinema 4d


    Now supporting Redshift. The most advanced C4D -> AE Importer

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