Data Damage Animated Typeface

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Digital noised, grained, glitched, error-ed, pixelated and damaged. 55 unique font characters including all uppercase letters, numbers, and 19 common symbols.
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Data Damage Animated Typeface


A digital noised, grained, glitched, error-ed, pixelated and damaged animated typeface for Adobe After Effects.


  • 55 unique font characters: All uppercase letters, numbers and 19 common symbols
  • 1080p HD After Effects Typeface + Preview Video Template
  • Easy to use and quick to render
  • 55 Characters at 2 different resolve speeds
  • Compatible with both Characteristic and Font Manager
  • Works with Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC
  • No Plug ins are Required
  • Each Character has 600x600 pixel dimensions

This is a Adobe After Effects animated typeface showing digital noise, TV grain, a glitch, digital screen error, pixelated damage, or similar effects. There are 55 unique characters including all uppercase letters, numbers, and 19 common symbols. The project contains two different styles: a longer version that lasts around 30 frames and a shorter one that is about 18 frames in length and also the trailer composition. Each unique character glitches on white but can easily be changed by just adding a fill color effect to each character. No 3rd party plugins are required and the project also is compatible with both  Characteristic and Font Manager. All characters are pre-rendered Quicktime videos so if you plan to use this in a different application besides After Effects you can do so. The preview video project is also included along with the audio file (thanks toIGmort - IfElseNote.NoIseflEte).


After Effects CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
  • Line Dash

    Matthew Butler

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Line Dash Animated Typeface

    Lines and trail lines follow each characters bends and lines until it overshoots the symbol. Customize the trail line width and colors to match your own scene. 55 font characters are included.
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